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Interoperability coming to DuPage County

The Daily Herald has an article today about a $28 million contract with Motorola to provide an interoperable emergency radio network.

County board member Pat O’Shea, chairman of the emergency telephone system board, said in a statement that establishing an interoperable communications system “is perhaps the most important project that has ever been undertaken in the history of DuPage County public safety.”

“This system will undoubtedly save lives,” …

… the interoperable system will allow “seamless communication” among police and fire departments that doesn’t exist now.

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Carol Stream is on the site

Carol Stream Fire District patch

In Dupage County (Division 12), the Carol Stream Fire District has three stations. They staff one engine company, one two-piece squad company, one tower ladder, three ambulances, plus a battalion chief. Their apparatus consists of two E-ONE engines, an E-ONE tower ladder, an Alexis engine, plus an Alexis heavy rescue. All of the ambulances are from Life Line on various IHC chassis.

The headquarters station has four drive-through bays, the administrative offices, and a complete training facility which includes a burn tower. This station staffs a battalion car, an ambulance, and a tower ladder quint. It is home to a spare ambulance, an OEM Mobile Command Unit, a spare engine, and two antiques in addition to FPB and other staff vehicles.

Carol Stream Fire District headquarters station and training facility

Carol Stream Station 1 at 35 N. Kuhn Road, has the administrative offices and an extensive training facility complete with a burn tower. Larry Shapiro photo

Keeneyville Fire Protection District 1947 Ford Darley antique pumper

The Carol Stream Fire District web site has a nice history of the department which tells the story of the Keeneyville Fire Protection District and the Carol Stream Company. The fire apparatus for many years was painted black over yellow until 1996 when the yellow was changed to red.

At Station 3 which is located at 1045 Lies Road, Carol Stream runs a two-piece squad company. These units always respond together. The first piece of the company is the squad 235, a 2006 Spartan Gladiator Classic/Alexis 1500/750 pumper squad. The second piece is rescue 235, their brand new 2010 Spartan Metro Star Alexis HDR. The ‘squad’ has a complete complement of hydraulic rescue tools and the ‘rescue’ has supplemental equipment, and air cascade system, and is more of a specialty unit with extensive TRT materials and supplies.

Carol Stream Fire District 2010 Spartan Metro Star Alexis technical rescue unit

Rescue 235 is the 2nd piece of the squad company. It was built by Alexis on a Spartan chassis with a stubby, 2-dr, Metro Star cab. Larry SHapiro photo

Carol Stream Fire District 2010 Spartan Metro Star Alexis technical rescue unit

Both sides of the rescue are packed solid with technical rescue equipment. The hydraulic rescue tools for auto extrications are located on Squad 235 which is the 1st piece of this company. Larry Shapiro photo

Carol Stream Fire District 2010 Spartan Metro Star Alexis technical rescue unit

The rear door of the rescue is designed like a rear ramp on a trailer to permit access to the large lumber stored down the center of the unit. Roof access to reach the top storage compartments is via the folding ladder at the rear. Larry Shapiro photo

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Illinois updates at Ferrara

There are recent photos HERE showing the current status of the new tower ladder and engine in production at Ferrara for the Algonquin Lake-in-the-Hills Fire Department. The painted bodies for both rigs have been mounted to the chassis and they appear to be approaching completion.

Also at Ferrara and not yet mentioned in this blog is a new Igniter engine for Glenside (DuPage County). The XL cab will have a 16″ raised roof and the unit will have a 1,500-GPM pump and a 1,000-gallon water tank. The cab has been painted and the chassis is nearing completion. Images and a description can be seen HERE as well. Simply scroll down to find the images as the listing is alphabetical.

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New ambulance in Addision

The Addison Fire Department in Division 12 (Dupage County) recently put a new ambulance into service. They purchased a 2007 IHC 4300/Medtec Type I demonstrator which is currently in service as Medic 130 out of Station 3. An interesting note though for apparatus followers is that Addison rotates their apparatus between stations. The unit number for responses corresponds to the station where it is housed, not a particular unit. So, as this new unit is currently Medic 130, it might be assigned to Station 2 in the future where it will run (and be labeled) as Medic 120. Addison uses numbers on rigid signs which slide in and out of a frame on either side of the apparatus to depict the current assignment. This applies to the engines and trucks as well.

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