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Cancer in the fire service

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The Firefighter Cancer Registry Act passed this week. That act makes it possible for the government to collect data about the effects firefighters suffer, due to smoke inhalation. Ultimately, the registry could help save lives.

In addition to the Firefighter Cancer Registry Act. The Energy and Commerce Committee marked up four other bills to promote public health – including the Soar Act of 2017, the Mission Zero Act, the Action for Dental Health Act of 2017, and the Common Sense Nutrition Disclosure Act of 2017.

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Rockford Fire Department news

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Protect, serve and give back.  The Rockford Fire Department banded together to help others after one of their own nearly lost his life to cancer.

District Chief Dan Zaccard survived tonsil cancer and says he knows too well the difficulty some patients have swallowing food. He reached out to Rockford Fire Local 413, which raised nearly $2,000 to buy nutrition shakes for patients who need it.

“I didn’t eat for two months. I didn’t have have this liquid supplement. I would try to eat yogurt and stuff and sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t. So I didn’t really get the benefit of this, but I’m hoping others will,” said Zaccard.

Thanks to more donations Zaccard plans to deliver more nutritional shakes soon.

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As seen around … Glenview Station 7

From Josh Boyajian:

Glenview FD Engine 7

Glenview FD Engine 7. Josh Boyajian photo

Glenview FD Ambulance 7

Glenview FD Ambulance 7. Josh Boyajian photo

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New Chicago Fire Department replica models


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