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More Crystal Lake photos

More Crystal Lake photos from Tyler Tobolt

Crystal Lake Fire Station

Station 1 at 100 W Woodstock st- Ambulance 351.352.355- Engine 341.340- Tender 371- Truck 381- Battalion Chief 330 housed here

Crystal Lake Fire Department Engine 343

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The color of fire trucks – Harvard/Tonica

Readers submitted comments to our recent post of non-red apparatus in MABAS Division 5 that mentioned a new life for the 1977 Ford/Welch rescue squad from Harvard.

The Harvard Rescue truck was bought by Tonica Volunteer Fire Dept, in LaSalle County in the late ’80?s and refurbed. It was then painted Chrome Yellow and White. It was sold by Tonica, to a chemical plant in Henry, IL for their Haz-mat unit. I was one of the fire personel from Tonica that went up to Marengo to get the truck when we first bought it. Tonica is a not-for-profit organization and gets no tax money. It is supported strictly by donations and grants.

Harvard Rescue Squad 1977 Welch

The Harvard Rescue Squad has this 1977 Ford/Welch unit. Bill Friedrich photo

From Bill Friedrich:

Here is the rig when it went to Tonica. Glad we shot it when it went down here. We travel quite a bit to find old friends as we say. Tonica is located in the Southern tip of LaSalle County.

Tonica Fire Rescue Squad 1715

Tonica Fire Rescue in LaSalle County ran with this 1977 Ford/Welch (X-Harvard Rescue Squad in McHenry County). Bill Friedrich photo


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