The Chicago Fire Department purchased aerial ladder trucks with booster tanks and pumps for several years. Beginning in 1967 and spanning through 1973, 21 aerials were delivered from different manufacturers with water on-board. One of these was a mid-ship aerial and the balance were rear-mounts. Units were built by Seagrave, Pirsch, Ward LaFrance (Grove), and American LaFrance.

This is the first of several posts that will highlight the progression of these truck companies in Chicago.

In 1967, Chicago received two Seagrave mid-ship aerials…

… one was a straight truck (assigned first to Truck 44 and then to Truck 60) and the other (Shop #E-166) had a 60-GPM pump and carried 200 gallons of water. This unit was originally assigned to Truck 26, and then to Truck 31.

Chicago Fire Department Truck 31 1967 Seagrave mid-ship aerial with booster tank

Chicago received this 1967 Seagrave aerial that was assigned as Truck Company 26 and then Truck Company 31 (as lettered here). It had a 60-GPM pump and 200 gallons of water. Jack Connors photo

When Truck 31 moved into the house at 77th and Pulaski, there was no engine company with them. They were assigned a fog pressure unit as Truck 31A on November 17, 1971 until Engine 64 was located with them on March 12, 1973.

Chicago Fire Department Truck 31A 1966 International CargoStar Darley Fog Pressure unit

Chicago Truck 31A, a 1966 International/Darley Fog Pressure Unit was assigned to Truck 31 until Engine 64 was located with them at 77th and Pulaski in March of 1973. Jack Connors photo

Chicago Fire Department 1967 Seagrave mid-ship mounted aerial

Shown here many years later as Reserve Truck 7 is the 1967 Seagrave mid-ship aerial without a pump. Larry Shapiro photo


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