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Phenomenal fire in Central Texas overruns tower ladder

An incredible fire at a chemical company in Waxahachie, Texas was burning out of control yesterday – there was lots of coverage on the web which includes a video showing the fire overtaking a tower ladder.

Fire truck burned at chemical fire

A Sutphen tower ladder is over run by fire as the firefighters flee the spreading flames. WFAA-TV photo

Check out or


Firefighter Close Calls has the before and after photos

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Skokie Engine 17 rehabbed

Jef Rudolph reports that Skokie Engine 17 has returned from Renewed Performance, Inc. (RPI) after having some body work and paint repairs, plus new LED lighting, and some minor work on the pump. It should be in service next week.

Skokie Fire Department Engine 17

Skokie Engine 17 received some body and paint work from RPI as well as the installation of new LED lighting. Jeff Rudolph photo

Skokie Fire Department Engine 17

Previous to returning from RPI, Engine 17 had a plain grille and conventional lighting. The door seal and 'Skokie' decals have also changed since the engine was originally delivered. Larry Shapiro photo

Skokie Fire Department Engine 17

The rear view highlights the new chevron striping. Jeff Rudolph photo


Skokie Fire Department Engine 17

The grille now shows the unit number, and Engine 17 has an LED lighting package. Jeff Rudolph photo

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