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MABAS in the news

Dennis McGuire, Jr. found a summary article HERE from a downstate Bloomington publication about MABAS.

BLOOMINGTON — Mutual aid for fires or a variety of other disasters is just a single call away with a statewide system called Mutual Aid Box Alarm System.

MABAS, headquartered in Wheeling, has 68 divisions and includes all but one county in the state, said Greg Peters, finance section chief.  The organization also has relationships with other states and is hoping eventually to provide mutual aid across state lines, Peters said.

Peters said the MABAS system was created in 1968 to provide the Cook County area with an emergency box alarm system.

After the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995, a terrorist task force was created by Illinois’ governor. MABAS already had a system in place, so it became a charter member of the task force.

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Niles puts ‘new’ used truck in service

Niles Fire Department Truck 2 is now running with the 1997 Pierce 105′ Quint that was purchased by the department last year. After a series of repairs and upgrades, the X-Trotwood, OH truck which was mentioned HERE is replacing the 75′ Quint 2 (X-North Maine FPD) which returns to reserve status.

Niles Fire Department Pierce Lance quint Trotwood Fire Department

Niles Truck 2 is running with this 1997 Pierce Lance 105' rear mount quint. It has a 1,500-GPM pump with a 300-gallon water tank and carries Pierce job #EB201. Larry Shapiro photo

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