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Recent Medtec deliveries

Martin Nowak found new delivery photos on the Foster Coach website of Medtec ambulances for FoxRiver & Countryside Fire/Rescue and Palos Heights.


Fox River & Countryside Fire Rescue District Ambulance 1830

The new Medtec Ambulance for Fox River & Countryside Bill Friedrich photo

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Tiskilwa train derailment

Tim Olk drove to Tiskilwa, IL (124 miles south west of Chicago) on Friday to document the partial derailment of a freight train overnight which was carrying ethanol for corn processor Archer Daniels Midland Co.

From the Chicago Tribune:

A freight train loaded with ethanol crashed and exploded near the village’s northeast side early Friday. Witnesses say the resulting explosions shook them awake before dawn and sent bright orange flames and plumes of smoke into the sky.

The Associated Press reported that:

Each tanker cars generally carries about 29,000 gallons of ethanol, experts said. Twenty-six cars on the 131-car train derailed, including seven to nine loaded with ethanol, according to Mick Burkart, chief operating officer of Iowa Interstate Railroad. The fire prevented officials from immediately getting close enough to the train to determine what caused the accident, Burkart said.

train derailed in Tiskilwa IL photo

Smoldering tank cars that derailed along a field of corn in Tiskalwa, IL. Tim Olk photo

train derailed in Tiskilwa IL photo

Tankers from area fire departments carrying several thousand gallons of water are staged near the derailment. One tanker can be seen at the portable tank offloading the water. Tim Olk photo

train derailed in Tiskilwa IL photo

A deck gun sits in a street where it had been deployed during the night near the burning tank cars. Tim Olk photo


train derailed in Tiskilwa IL photo

Several tank cars remain on the track as derailed cars are visible in front of them. Tim Olk photo


train derailed in Tiskilwa IL photo

Firefighters use a deluge gun to cool the remaining smoldering tank cars and dissipate the vapors in the morning. Tim Olk photo

train derailed in Tiskilwa IL photo

Three portable water tanks are tied together which provided firefighters with up to 6,000 gallons of water in an area without fire hydrants. Tim Olk photo

Tim has a gallery with more images which can be found HERE.

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