Winthrop Harbor Fire Department Seagrave Engine

Winthrop Harbor sits along Lake Michigan in the northeast corner of MABAS Division 4 along the Wisconsin border. They operate out of one station which is part of the municipal building with the police department. Packed full of apparatus, the four-bay station houses nine pieces of equipment. They are one of the only all Seagrave departments in Illinois with two engines and a 75′ Meanstick quint. Dating back to their long history of FWD rigs, they had FWD logos affixed to all of their modern Seagrave units. All of their equipment with the exception of the ambulances are painted white.

Winthrop Harbor Fire Department FWD antique engine

Winthrop Harbor has this restored 1949 FWD engine which is used in parades. The engine made the trip to Clintonville, WI for the Seagrave 125th anniversary.

Winthrop Harbor Fire Department antique engine

The 1949 FWD engine was in Clintonville for the Seagrave 125th anniversary parade. Bill Friedrich photo

Winthrop Harbor Fire Department antique engine

The officer's side of the restored 1949 FWD engine when it was at Seagrave. Bill Friedrich photo

Winthrop Harbor Fire Department fleet photo

This photo of the Winthrop Harbor fleet was taken in the 1970s by Bill Friedrich. Included are the 1949 and 1952 FWD engines, a 1966 Dodge/Welch mini pumper, a 1963 900 Series American LaFrance engine, a 1973 P-Series Seagrave engine, and a 1974 Ford/Welch squad unit.