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Support for the 5-11 Club

This from Bill Kugelman:

As you may know, the 5-11 Club is engaged in a number of activities that are designed to provide direct and indirect support to the Chicago Fire and Police Departments and their members. They make available, the support vehicle that provides water, coffee, etc. to all the members of the Fire Department and the Police Department at various functions, and in particular, at many of the funerals for our fallen.
There is currently a program going on at Chili’s Restaurants where you can provide a coupon and 10% of what you spend will help the club out. Coupons can be obtained from their website

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Fox River & Countryside looks to a 3rd station

Dennis McGuire, Jr. found this Daily Herald article outlining long range planning on behalf of the Fox River and Countryside Fire Rescue District for a third station.

Fox River and Countryside Fire/Rescue District officials are planning the construction of a third station just three months after the district took its first 911 call. And fire district President Jim Gaffney is in a convenient position to nab some free land to make that plan a success.

“We’re talking two to five years down the line,” Gaffney said. “But it seems as though the school district is receptive. We’re trying to save the taxpayers money. We want to use the taxpayers’ dollar in the most efficient way with an intergovernmental agreement. Really we’re talking about a piece of land that probably has no value in terms of building a new development out there. This is all just preliminary.

Indeed, the fire district is still in the process of finding a permanent home for its Station 2. Fox River and Countryside has a temporary station outside its coverage area in South Elgin. Gaffney said the fire district staff is “making progress” on the project.

The complete article can be found HERE.

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