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CPD dispatcher dies in car crash

A 42-year old Chicago Police (CPD) dispatcher from the 9-1-1 center died this morning from injuries sustained when her car was struck broadside by a 16-year old who was being chased by CPD officers. The 16-year old, in a stolen SUV, evidently backed into a CPD squad car and fled after being stopped for running a red light. The deceased was married to a Chicago Fire Department alarm board operator.

(police dispatcher Marciea) Adkins died early Sunday driving home from her overnight shift after her car was struck by a teenager fleeing from police in stolen SUV, police said. The 16-year-old had touched off a nearly 2-mile pursuit after he backed into a police vehicle during a traffic stop for failing to stop at a red light, police said.

Adkins, 42, was married to a dispatcher for the Chicago Fire Department, and the couple has a young daughter.

The complete Chicago Tribune article with scene photos can be found HERE.

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Interim fire chief hired for Elk Grove Village

The Elk Grove Village fire chief announced his retirement last month that was effective July 1st. The position has been filled on an interim basis by Bill Balling who spent 29 years as the village manager for Buffalo Grove. Since then he has also served in a similar position with the Lombard Fire Department. He was hired to oversee the department’s administrative duties and to act as a consultant to review various aspects of the department at an hourly rate of $168. Fire suppression supervision and day to day operations are the responsibility of Elk Grove Deputy Chief Scott Miller.

The Daily Herald announced the hire last week:

Balling, of Arlington Heights, will not receive benefits, nor will he contribute to a pension. His appointment is for an indefinite period, and at $168 an hour, he would gross $6,720 for a 40-hour week and $26,880 for a full month.

Since last Friday’s retirement of former Elk Grove Fire Chief Dave Miller, the role of acting chief has been filled by Deputy Chief Scott Miller, who will continue to oversee many of the day-to-day operations of the Elk Grove Fire Department, including all fire-suppression efforts.

Balling currently receives an annual pension of $129,462 from the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund. Since Elk Grove Fire Department personnel contribute toward a specific fire pension system — not IMRF — Balling’s new job will have no effect on his IMRF pension.

The complete Daily Herald article can be found HERE as well as a similar article in Fire Chief Magazine.

This week, Elk Grove Village provided some additional clarification on the duties that Balling will be preforming which further addresses the fees being paid.

During his first day on the job, Elk Grove Village’s new interim fire chief was putting out fires of a different kind, addressing criticism leveled at the village over his hiring.

Village officials Friday clarified the role of interim fire chief, William “Bill” Balling, saying the $168 hourly rate the village agreed to pay him is not the wage of one man, but rather the service fee for Balling’s management consultancy firm called WRB LLC.

Balling said his job includes overseeing and managing the fire department’s operations, as well as conducting a thorough operational assessment of the department’s practices.

“It’s a pretty dynamic role,” Balling said of his interim duties. “Including myself, we will have between four and five people involved and engaged in the process. These are professionals in management and the fire service. There will be substantial hours in this project. The village is going to be protected in a fee structure.”

The complete followup article from the Daily Herald can be found HERE.


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Bartlett hoists Patriot Flag

The Patriot Flag made another stop in our area. This time it was in Bartlett where the fire department raised the flag. The Daily Herald has an article about the event which includes:

The Patriot Flag flew high Thursday in Bartlett as veterans, police officers, boy scouts and residents from all over the suburbs gathered at Apple Orchard Park to honor the armed forces and first responders to the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Bartlett was just the latest stop for the Patriot Flag — a 56-foot long, 75-pound American flag — as it tours all 50 states in 50 weeks on its way to New York City on Sept. 11 for the 10th anniversary of 9/11.

The complete article can be found HERE.

The flag made a stop in Skokie last month.

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CFD Still & Box 7-8-11

On Friday, Chicago companies fought a fire in a bugalow at 948 N. Homan on the city’s west side. Dan McInerney was in the city at the time and took in the fire. He arrived after the fire had been knocked down and submitted several images and the following description.

Seconds after the Main Fao dispatched Bn12 on the air to the still, 4-4-11 pulled up and requested an emergency still and box for people trapped in a 1.5 story house with heavy fire throughout and fire exposing a similar house in sector 4. First due E44 arrived and dropped a leader line into the first floor as Truck 36 performed a primary and roof ventilation. The search was negative, the house turned out to be vacant. Second due E95 went west on Augusta and brought their leader line to the rear. Second due TL14 did a search of the exposure and roof ventilation of same. 3rd due engine E76 brought a line into the exposure building


Chicago Fire Department Still & Box 924 Homan 7-8-11

Battalion 7 Chief Maria DeCaussin (RIT) stands next to BN13 (still) Chief Sean O'Driscoll in front of the building after the fire was knocked. Dan McInerney photo

Chicago Fire Department Still & Box 924 Homan 7-8-11

Truck 36 main being bedded as firefighters rest and rehydrate. Temperatures were in the upper 80s. Dan McInerney photo

Chicago Fire Department Still & Box 924 Homan 7-8-11

Engine 44 was the first engine on the scene and had one line off. Dan McInerney photo

Chicago Fire Department Still & Box 924 Homan 7-8-11

The rear of Truck 36 showing the 40 and 50-foot bangor ladders. Dan McInerney photo

Chicago Fire Department Still & Box 924 Homan 7-8-11

West Side station t-shiret. Dan McInerney photo

Chicago Fire Department Still & Box 924 Homan 7-8-11

Comm Van 2-7-1 parked down the block. Dan McInerney photo

Chicago Fire Department Still & Box 924 Homan 7-8-11

Engine 76 engineer and FF break down the hydrant showing CFD hydrant gate valve placed on the unused port of the hydrant so another engine can hookup. Dan McInerney photo

Chicago Fire Department Still & Box 924 Homan 7-8-11

Engine 76 on a hydrant at the corner was the 3rd engine on the fire. Dan McInerney photo

Chicago Fire Department Still & Box 924 Homan 7-8-11

Second due Engine 95 took a hydrant on Augusta, Dan McInerney photo

Chicago Fire Department Still & Box 924 Homan 7-8-11

Firefighters repack hose onto Engine 44. Dan McInerney photo

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