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Chicago Fire adapts for 2011 blizzard

The following memo comes from the Chicago Firefighters Union Local 2 as regards the Chicago Fire Department’s preemptive planning for the impending 2011 Blizzard. This includes putting additional ambulances on the street, providing drivers for all buggies, and the implementation of snowmobiles for extreme emergency situations.

Chicago Fire Department planning for 2011 blizzard

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Wheeling opens 3rd station

Wheeling Fire Department patchAs of 0700 this morning, Station 42 went into service for the Wheeling Fire Department. Housed in the police station complex at 1 Community Drive, Wheeling Fire is running Engine 24 out of one of the apparatus bays which used to house Station 24 before they moved to 499 S. Milwaukee Avenue. If the address of Station 42 is confusing, it is the new address to the building that used to be known as 255 W. Dundee Road.

Engine Company 24 is now running out of Station 42. Station 23 has Ambulance and Engine 23 staffed, and the headquarters Station 24 has Battalion 24, Ambulance 24, and Truck 42 that are staffed. The truck company can jump to Ambulance 42 if needed or Squad 42.

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3-11 in Schiller Park 1-27-11 update

The Chicago Tribune reports that a second victim has been recovered in the debris of last week’s fatal fire in Schiller Park at the Horse Shoe Inn.

Four days after the owner of a Schiller Park tavern was found beaten to death inside his burned-out business, authorities Monday found the body of a woman there, officials said.

Schiller Park police identified the woman as Wendy Bonder, 61, of Schiller Park. According to Mike Marrazzo of the Schiller Park Police Department, Bonder was a regular patron of the Horseshoe Inn, 9639 Irving Park Road, and may have been a part-time bartender.

Investigators discovered Bonder’s body Monday inside the charred shell of the tavern “after meticulously removing ceiling debris measuring three feet in thickness that fell during the extinguishing of the fire,” according to a news release.

Police believe Bonder died of blunt force trauma.

Bonder was found inside the charred shell of the tavern. She was pronounced dead at 6:15 p.m., according to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office.

The entire article can be found HERE. MyFoxChicago has an article HERE.

Our original post can be found HERE.

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Fire museum of Greater Chicago opens!

On Saturday, January 29, The Fire Museum of Greater Chicago, located at 5218 S Western Ave., officially opened. The museum is housed at a firehouse built in 1916 for Chicago Fire Department Engine Co. 123. They occupied this firehouse from 1916 through 1973.  An estimated 60-70 people visited on opening day. There was a preview of the museum that was offered to the public last year.

The exhibits include hand-drawn, horse-drawn, and early motorized apparatus to the 20th Century.  The museum artifacts not only chronicle Chicago, but many of the suburban departments that make up the Chicagoland area. One of the many highlights on display is a 1923 Ahrens-Fox 750-GPM engine that was first assigned to Engine Co. 40 before being reassigned to Engine Co. 98. It was nearly destroyed in 1934 when Engine 98 responded to the Stockyards and was caught in the fire.  The fire department shops rebuilt the engine and gave it back to 98. It’s last assignment was to Engine Co. 70.

The museum will be open the last Saturday of every month from 10am – 2pm. Please come out and enjoy the many displays and the great history that this museum has to offer.

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Denis McGuire, Jr. submitted images from the opening

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Glenview changes nighttime staffing

An article in the Glenview Patch outlines a plan for reduced nighttime staffing in Glenview.  The Glenview Fire Department staffs five stations. Their normal complement is a battalion chief, three engines, three ambulances, and a truck. The plan is to go down to two ambulances between 7PM and 7AM to reduce hirebacks and overtime, partially as a result of three vacant positions that were lost this year through attrition.

“In order to balance this year’s budget without raising taxes or fees, the village assessed ways to generate significant cost savings,” village officials said in a recent statement. “This included a thorough analysis of ambulance call volume and it was determined that two Glenview ambulances will be in service from 7 p.m. until 7 a.m. This measure to reduce overtime in the Glenview Fire Department will generate approximately $300,000 in savings this year and $600,000 over a two year period.”

The complete article can be found HERE.

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