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Lincolnwood 2-11 Alarm house fire 2-14-11

Lincolnwood Fire Department house fire St Louis 2-14-11

A basement fire at 6531 St. Louis in Lincolnwood burned for several hours on Monday causing major damage to this modern home. Larry Shapiro photo

The Lincolnwood Fire Department responded to smoke in the basement at 6531 St. Louis this afternoon and discovered a basement fire in a large two-story brick home. They were unable to extinguish the fire and upgraded the incident to a MABAS Box Alarm and then again to a 2nd Alarm bringing companies from Skokie, Evanston, Morton Grove, Niles, Northfield, Wilmette, Glenview, Northbrook, Highwood, DesPlaines, plus Chicago Squad 2 and Chicago Engine 79.

Lincolnwood Fire Department house fire St Louis 2-14-11

Firefighters used the window wells and then breached the brick walls for access to the basement so they could direct water onto the fire. Larry Shapiro photo

The basement reportedly had a 9-foot ceiling and proved difficult to access. After companies went defensive, they initially accessed the basement with hand lines through the window wells. Later they breached the brick exterior in several places for better access to the basement with the ability to direct the lines with accuracy although the number of partitioned spaces made access that much more difficult. As the first floor gave way in several locations, this allowed additional access to the basement. As the basement filled with water, the fire continued to burn among the floor joists. This made hitting the varioius fires extremely difficult.

Lincolnwood Fire Department house fire St Louis 2-14-11

Several of the areas that were breached in the 'B Sector' are visible here. Larry Shapiro photo

Lincolnwood Fire Department house fire St Louis 2-14-11

Glenview Engine 6 dropped over 600' of 5-inch hose and tagged a hydrant at the south end of the block. Larry Shapiro photo

Thick smoke permeated through the entire house and an elevated master stream from Skokie Truck 16 was deployed for a short time into the second floor. Lincolnwood’s soon to be replaced Pierce aerial was also deployed at this fire which may prove to be its’ last.

Chicago Squad 2 and the 10th Battalion were due on the box and Engine 79 came in on the 2nd alarm. Although command began releasing companies around 7PM, several mutual aid companies remained working at the scene until after 10PM.

One firefighter was injured at the scene and transported to the hospital, his condition was unknown when this post was written.

Lincolnwood Fire Department house fire St Louis 2-14-11

Firefighters watch as a member of Chicago Squad 2 cuts through a section of the living room floor to gain access to another room in the basement. Larry Shapiro photo

Tim Olk and Larry Shapiro took in this fire. A gallery of images by Larry Shapiro can be seen HERE along with a video. Tim’s photos can be viewed HERE.

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Chicago to build fireman’s memorial park

The following new release from the City of Chicago website was posted on November 17, 2010.

TIF approved for firemen’s memorial, community center

Mayor Richard M. Daley’s plan to use Tax Increment Financing (TIF) to build a fireman’s memorial park in Beverly and a community recreational facility on the Near North Side were approved today by the Chicago City Council.

“TIF is the City’s most versatile and effective economic development tool,” said Mayor Richard M. Daley. “It is important that we continue to invest in our park infrastructure as these facilities play a significant role in the quality of life in our neighborhoods.”

The memorial park will honor Chicago firefighters Anthony Lockhart and Patrick King, who were killed 12 years ago while extinguishing a blaze at a former car repair facility at 10611 S. Western Ave. The TIF assistance will pay for landscaping, fencing and a memorial for the fallen firefighters on the .6 acre site, which has remained vacant since the fire. Funds for the $675,000 acre project will be allocated from the Western Avenue/Rock Island TIF district. Preliminary designs include trees, grass, lighting, benches and walking paths surrounding a fireman-themed sculpture.

The community center will rise on the site of a former Chicago Housing Authority highrise at 410 W. Chicago Ave. To include a gymnasium, locker rooms, computer labs and a community meeting area, the $15 million facility will be operated by the Chicago Park District. The Near North TIF district will provide $5 million toward the construction cost with the remainder to be paid by the Jesse White Foundation, which would use the facility as a permanent home for the Jesse White Tumblers.

In a separate plan, Wilson Park, at 4630 N. Milwaukee Ave., will be allocated $500,000 from the Jefferson Park TIF District for assorted playground improvements, including a new play surface and climbing equipment.

TIF is a City of Chicago funding tool that’s used to promote infrastructure and other improvements as well as create jobs in designated districts across the city.

Thanks to Hank Sajovic for submitting this.

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