Country Club Hills has been added to the MABAS Division 24 departments that are on the website. Country Club Hills has two stations with a total of three ambulances, four engines, and a tower ladder. One of their engines, Engine 1140, is a 1980 American LaFrance Century, 75′ Water Chief Quint with a 1,500-GPM pump and 300 gallons of water. It is lettered as Truck 1140, but the aerial device is out of service, so it is running as an engine. Country Club Hills also owns the only HME/Ahrens-Fox/RK Aerials tower ladder in Illinois.

Country Club Hills Fire Department Spartan Crimson engine

This engine was featured at a fire recently which was posted HERE with images from Karl Klotz.

Country Club Hills Fire Department Station 2

Country Club Hills Fire Department Station 2 is their headquarters at 4520 W. 175th Street. Jack Connors photo

Country Club Hills Fire Department HME Ahrens Fox RK tower ladder

Country Club Hills Fire Department American LaFrance Century Water Chief Quint

When American LaFrance made aerials, each rear-mount was part of the ‘Chief’ series. There was the Ladder Chief, the Ladder Chief Quint, the Water Chief, the Water Chief Quint, and the Aero Chief. ¬†The Aero Chief was a two-piece articulating boom with a platform at the end, similar to the Snorkel.

American LaFrance Water Chief quint brochure

American LaFrance literature on the 75' Water Chief Quint. Larry Shapiro collection

A Water Chief was an aerial ladder with a pre-piped waterway while the Ladder Chief was a straight ladder.

American LaFrance Ladder Chief brochure

American LaFrance Ladder Chief brochure. Larry Shapiro collection

American LaFrance Water Chief brochure

American LaFrance Water Chief brochure. Larry Shapiro collection

Either aerial could be mounted on a unit with a pump and tank for the quint designation.

American LaFrance brochure 75' Water Chief Quint

American LaFrance 75' Water Chief Quint brochure. Larry Shapiro collection

Few of the ‘Chief’ aerials are still in service today.