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House fire in Buffalo Grove, 2-20-24

Buffalo Grove firefighters were called to a house on Middleton Court Tuesday afternoon. On arrival they had smoke pushing out of the front door and roof vent. The alarm was upgraded to a working fire bringing mutual aid companies to the scene from Long Grove, Lincolnshire-Riverwoods, and Arlington Heights. Additional companies moved into Buffalo Grove fire stations. 

It appeared to be a room and contents fire that was extending into the hallway when firefighters made their interior attack.; #larryshapiro;;;

Larry Shapiro photo


Larry Shapiro photo; #larryshapiro;;;

Larry Shapiro photo; #larryshapiro;;; #FireTruck; #BuffaloGroveFD; #EONE; #Typhoon; #e-MAX;

Larry Shapiro photo; #larryshapiro;;; #FireTruck; #BuffaloGroveFD; #EONE; #Cyclone; #HP95; #towerladder;

Larry Shapiro photo

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New aerial for Chicago FD

From the Fire Service, Inc. Facebook page:

Check out this E-ONE delivery for Chicago FD
Federal Signal Scene Lights
R.O.M Roll-Up Doors
Cyclone Cab
Allison Transmission
X12 500 HP Cummins
Stainless Steel Body
Rosco 360 Camera System
Galvanized Torque Box
240’ Ground Ladders; #FireTruck; #ChicagoFD; #EONE; #EONEStrength;

Fire Service, Inc. photo; #FireTruck; #ChicagoFD; #EONE; #EONEStrength;

Fire Service, Inc. photo; #FireTruck; #ChicagoFD; #EONE; #EONEStrength;

Fire Service, Inc. photo; #FireTruck; #ChicagoFD; #EONE; #EONEStrength;

Fire Service, Inc. photo

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New truck for Chicago FD

This ftom Chi-Town Fire Photos:

2023 E-One Cyclone 100′ RM Aerial 0/0. Shop #FDE381; #FireTruck; #ChicagoFD; #chi-townfirephotos; #EONE;

Chi-Town Fire Photos

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Crash with car fire in the Prospect Heights Fire District, 11-1-23

Firefighters from Buffalo Grove, Prospect Heights, and Wheeling along with police officers from Buffalo Grove and the Cook County Sheriff’s Police responded to a reported car fire Wednesday night near Dundee Road and Buffalo Grove Road. The police arrived first and reported a vehicle fully engulfed by fire on Buffalo Grove Road at East Park Place, which is almost a quarter of a mile south of Dundee Road in a small area of unincorporated Cook County that is within the Prospect Heights Fire District (PHFD).; #buffaloGroveFD; #ProspectHeightsFD; #crashscene; #carfire; #carengulfedbyfire;

passerby photo

The area which is without hydrants, is served through an agreement between the PHFD and Buffalo Grove. The initial response included Prospect Heights Battalion 9 with Ambulance 9 along with Buffalo Grove Tower 25. While en route, Battalion 9 requested a second engine after the report of a well-involved car fire and Wheeling Engine 24 was added to the response.  A Buffalo Grove ambulance was sent at the request of Tower 25 upon their arrival and the discovery of a two-vehicle crash. Prospect Heights Tanker 9 was added to the response in lieu of using a several block supply line as it became evident that the tank water from both the tower and the engine was not going to be sufficient.; #E-ONE; #EONEStrength; #Cyclone; #FireTruck; #BuffaloGroveFD; #larryshapiro;; #crashscene;

Larry Shapiro photo; #BuffaloGroveFD; #larryshapiro;; #crashscene; #carfire; #firefighters; #ProspectHeightsFD;

Larry Shapiro photo

The car’s occupant self extricated and it appeared that the driver of the pickup truck may have fled the scene before the police arrived. One person was transported to the hospital and several others signed releases at the scene.; #BuffaloGroveFD; #larryshapiro;; #crashscene; #carfire; #firefighters; #ProspectHeightsFD;

Larry Shapiro photo; #BuffaloGroveFD; #larryshapiro;; #crashscene; #carfire; #firefighters; #ProspectHeightsFD;

Larry Shapiro photo; #E-ONE; #EONEStrength; #Cyclone; #FireTruck; #BuffaloGroveFD; #larryshapiro;;

Larry Shapiro photo

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House fire in Buffalo Grove, 3-12-23

Buffalo Grove firefighters were called to 691 Checker Road at 8:30 Sunday evening (3-12-23) for a reported fire in a second floor bedroom. While en route, companies were advised by NWCD that a neighbor reported fire on the roof, and then another reported fire on the side of the house. Upon arrival, Battalion 4 reported heavy fire and requested the Code 4 upgrade. Buffalo Grove companies worked from the exterior and then the interior to knockdown the fire while performing searches throughout. They were assisted at the scene by units from Long Grove, Lincolnshire-Riverwoods, Wheeling, Arlington Heights, Northbrook, and Buffalo Grove EMA with MobileComm.; #larryshapiro;; #BuffaloGroveFD; #housefire;

Larry Shapiro photo; #larryshapiro;; #BuffaloGroveFD; #housefire;

Larry Shapiro photo; #larryshapiro;; #BuffaloGroveFD; #housefire;

Larry Shapiro photo

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Working fire in Chicago, 10-2-22

This from Chi-Town Fire Photos:

Here are some shots from a little working fire on October 2nd @ 3717 S Hermitage. Engine 39 had a quick knock on the fire and contained it to the living room. Members also rescued 2 dogs from the fire unit.; #CFD; #Chi-TownFirePhoitos; #firescene;

Chi-Town Fire Photos; #CFD; #Chi-TownFirePhoitos; #firescene;

Chi-Town Fire Photos; #CFD; #Chi-TownFirePhoitos; #firescene; #FireTruck; #EONE; #Cyclone;

Chi-Town Fire Photos

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More changes in Naperville

The Naperville Fire Department (MABAS Division 16) has made a fleet and manning change. The 1997 E-ONE Cyclone for Squad 8 has been taken out of service and stripped of its equipment. It’s current disposition is most likely to be sold. The Spartan/Crimson engine from Station 1 has been moved to Station 8 and will be the new Squad 8 with most of the vehicle extrication gear assigned to the squad. The balance of the squad’s equipment has been moved to the technical rescue truck (TRT) and the dive equipment is on the water rescue truck (WRT).

Naperville will be down one suppression company on the street. There will be no layoffs, but three vacant positions for FF/PM will not be filled

Thanks to Lieutenant Andy Hilk for updating us.

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Leyden 3-11 (part 2)

Additional images from the Leyden Township 3-11 yesterday submitted by Steve Redick, Jeff Rudolph, and Larry Shapiro.

Leyden TWP FPD 3-11 All Stars Gentlemens Club

Flames are visible from a vantage on the east side of the fire after the roof was in. Jeff Rudolph photo

Leyden TWP FPD 3-11 All Stars Gentlemens Club

Westchester's E-ONE Cyclone aerial is set up with an elevated master stream at the east side of the 'A' sector. Jeff Rudolph photo

Leyden TWP FPD 3-11 All Stars Gentlemens Club

Northlake Engine 808 is positioned on the street and awaits water from an in-line operation. Jeff Rudolph photo

Leyden TWP FPD 3-11 All Stars Gentlemens Club

Another shot from the front of the address showing Westchester's master stream. Larry Shapiro photo

Leyden TWP FPD 3-11 All Stars Gentlemens Club

Elmwood Park firefighters carry a 5-inch line to Northlake Engine 808. The Elmwood Park engine is making it's way further west on Grand Avenue to find a hydrant down the street. Steve Redick photo

Leyden TWP FPD 3-11 All Stars Gentlemens Club

Leyden Quint 133 is operating on the west side of the driveway with an elevated master stream and several hand lines. Larry Shapiro photo

Leyden TWP FPD 3-11 All Stars Gentlemens Club

Firefighters work a handline at the rear of the building. Jeff Rudolph photo

Leyden TWP FPD 3-11 All Stars Gentlemens Club

An overview of the western exposure of the fire building from the vacant lot next door. Steve Redick photo

Leyden TWP FPD 3-11 All Stars Gentlemens Club

Bensenville firefighters pull hose from Engine 89 to put additional hand lines into operation to hit the many hot spots throughout the ruins. Larry Shapiro photo

Leyden TWP FPD 3-11 All Stars Gentlemens Club River Grove engine

River Grove Engine 565, a Pierce Saber, is pumping in-line to Bensenville Engine 89 in the rear sector. Steve Redick photo

Leyden TWP FPD 3-11 All Stars Gentlemens Club Bensenville Fire District Engine 89

Bensenville Engine 89, a 2002 Pierce Lance, is supplying several hand lines in the 'C' sector. Larry Shapiro photo

Leyden TWP FPD 3-11 All Stars Gentlemens Club Stone Park Quest Engine

Stone Park Engine 908, is the only E-ONE Quest engine in MABAS Division 20. It is on a hydrant east of the fire scene on Grand Avenue. Jeff Rudolph photo

A gallery of Steve Redick’s images can be seen HERE.

A gallery of Larry Shapiro’s images can be seen HERE.

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Gurnee is on the site

Gurnee Fire Department patch

Fire departments in Lake County, MABAS Division 4, continue to be added to the site. The Gurnee Fire Department is now the latest to be posted. They have two stations covering 33 square miles which includes the Six Flags Great America amusement park and Gurnee Mills, an enormous outlet mall. The Gurnee suppression fleet is made up entirely of E-ONE apparatus and currently all four of their ambulances are Type I models from Road Rescue on IHC 4700 or IHC 4300 series’ chassis. A new Type I ambulance is presently on order from Wheeled Coach.

Gurnee also houses some specialty MABAS assets. They store an interesting 1991 Mack/Volvo roll-off chassis which is used to transport metal storage containers which contain equipment and supplies for MABAS Divisions 4&5. One container is for the Technical Rescue Team (TRT) with tools and lumber and the other is for the Wildland Task Force which carries, among other things, an ATV.

Lake County and McHenry County TRT unit

Gurnee Fire Department Station 1

Gurnee Fire Department headquarters Station 1 on Old Grand Avenue. Larry Shapiro photo

An interesting note about the E-ONE apparatus is the wide range of chassis and cab styles that are represented.

Gurnee Fire Department E-ONE Cyclone II engine

This engine features the newest version of the Cyclone II which is a tilt-cab.

Gurnee Fire Department EONE Cyclone engine

This 1995 engine uses the early Cyclone chassis with a fixed cab.

Gurnee also has two engines with a Cyclone tilt-cab with a previous grille design. The tower ladder is built on a Hurricane chassis which has a fixed cab.

Gurnee Fire Department E-ONE Hurricane 95' tower ladder

In 1998 when Gurnee received their new E-ONE tower ladder, they arranged to have the unit photographed with one of the main town attractions. At that time, Gurnee Mills was billed as the largest outlet mall in the country. Planet Hollywood was one of the anchor restaurants at the mall. Larry Shapiro collection

Gurnee Fire Department E-ONE Sentry HDR

Gurnee Squad 1352 was ordered with a four-door Sentry cab and a vista roof. The Sentry is distinguishable by the straight, non-contoured door line of the driver's door. The vista roof was a raised roof that E-ONE offered without full height rear doors. This photo was taken inside Six Flags Great America when the squad was delivered. The graphics are no longer representative of how the squad looks today. Larry Shapiro collection

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Elmhurst Fire Department

Elmhurst Station 2 opened in September and was built on the property in front of the old Station #2. Although we do not have a photo showing both stations together, here is a shot of the new station. Elmhurst is in Division 12 and operates out of two stations.

Elmhurst Fire Station 2 at 601 S. York Road - Photo by Larry Shapiro

In other Elmhurst news, the fire department recently placed two new engines into service. These new rigs bring several changes to this department, the first of which is a move away from a fleet that was entirely EONE. Engines 1 and 2 are now 2009 1500 GPM Pierce Impel pumpers. The second significant change for Elmhurst is moving from their ‘traditional’ color scheme of white over yellow (a school bus golden yellow color) to white over red!

Engine 4 is an EONE Cyclone pumper with the 'traditional' Elmhurst color scheme and a distinctive double striping of dark green over white. - Photo by Larry Shapiro

Elmhurst Engine 1's new Pierce Impel 1500 GPM pumper sporting a white over red paint job and gold lettering. - Photo by Larry Shapiro

Elmhurst Engine 2 is identical to Engine 1. - Photo by Larry Shapiro

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