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New truck coming to Tinley Park

We mentioned HERE that the Tinley Park Fire Department has placed an order for a new aerial.

The TribLocal has an article which discussed funding of the new truck.

 Regular donations from Tinley Park residents are still proving indispensable to the fire department more than a century after the town’s first fundraiser for firefighters.

The Village Board recently agreed to purchase a ladder truck for the fire department for $850,000, but thanks to the Tinley Park Fire Department Association, only half of the funds will come from village tax coffers.

The association will pay for $425,000 of the purchase with money raised through its annual dinner dance and fundraising drive, a tradition that started in 1902.

“It’s helped us keep costs to the taxpayers down, so we certainly appreciate all the individual contributions towards that,” said Trustee Brian Maher, who chairs the Public Safety Committee.

While the village’s municipal fire department currently employs more than 100 part-time firefighters, it started out as a volunteer operation that relied on residents for financial support. The department has seen many changes since it was chartered in 1901, but the support it gets from the community has seemingly remained the same.

“It kind of goes back, I think, to when they were running a true volunteer fire department and they had to raise money to buy equipment,” said firefighter and association president Mike Hughes.

The first Annual Firefighters Dance, held in 1902, raised $15.15 for the department, he said, and 110 years later, the dance is still held every January and is one of the association’s biggest fundraisers.

“We’re a very blessed organization,” he said. “It’s a great town and it’s got a lot of pride. What the community does for us, it’s kind of amazing. It really is.”

The group regularly purchases equipment for the department to use, including ladder trucks and fire engines. The last big purchase was made in 2007 when the association spent $401,000 on a fire engine. Because of the expense, the village generally split some of the larger purchases. Without the association’s fundraising, Maher said the village would have to rely entirely on tax dollars.

The entire article can be found HERE.

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Tinley Park orders new aerial

This from Karl Klotz:

Tinley Park Fire Department 1976 Seagrave aerial ladder

Tinley Park will replace this 1976 Seagrave 100′ rear mount with a 2013 Pierce Velocity 100′ rear mount. Karl Klotz photo

Tinley Park has ordered a Pierce Velocity 100ft heavy-duty aluminum aerial ladder without a pump. This truck is replacing the current Truck Co. 201 (1976 Seagrave aerial ladder) and Squad Co. 201 (1994 Spartan Darley pumper).

Tinley Park Fire Department Engine 201 Spartan Darley

Tinley Park ordered a new aerial ladder which will replace this 1994 Spartan/Darley pumper/squad in addition to a Seagrave ladder truck. Karl Klotz photo

The new truck was designed to accommodate specialized rescue and basic haz-mat, as well as fire suppression duties. It will be housed at Station 1 and will function as a jump-company for about a year until additional staffing is added. Currently, there is one crew at Station 1 which staffs Engine Co 201. Truck Co. 201 will be due on all Box Alarms when a truck is requested, Full-Stills in the village, I-80 auto accidents, specialized rescue responses, and eventually it will be an additional daily staffed truck company. Currently there is only one staffed truck company (Truck Co. 204) which is housed at Station 4.  This new truck is slated for delivery in the spring of 2013.


This will be the first Pierce aerial for the TPFD and the first strait ladder since 1976.  Currently, TPFD has five Pierce Dash engines and two 95′ E-ONE tower ladders assigned to Truck Co. 202 and Truck Co. 204.


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