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New engine for Flossmoor

New Spartan Gladiator Evolution/Smeal engine for Flossmoor with enclosed pump panel.

new Smeal fire engine for the Flossmoor Fire Department

Smeal photo

thanks Hunter and Ron

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As seen around … Berkeley

From Drew Gresik:

Spartan Darley fire engine

Berkeley Engine 352 – 1996 Spartan Gladiator/Darley 1500/500, Drew Gresik photo

Spartan Darley fire engine

Berkeley Engine 351 – 2006 Spartan Diamond/Darley 1500/800/20A. Drew Gresik photo

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Chicago Heights to buy used engine

This from the Chicago

City Council Approves Purchase of Pre-Owned Fire Truck

The Chicago Heights City Council approved the purchase of a $50,000 pre-owned fire truck from the Village of Tinley Park.
The Chicago Heights fire department could have an addition to its fleet of fire trucks in the coming weeks, should the village of Tinley Park approve the sale of a 1994 Spartan Diamond … [Darley] Pumper … to Chicago Heights at its Tuesday, March 19 city council meeting.
Chicago Heights City Council members approved the purchase of the truck at its Monday, March 18 meeting. The truck will cost the city $50,000.
“This would kind of put a buffer in our fleet, in case anything goes wrong,” Chicago Heights Fire Chief James Angell said.
The truck, which has only 17,000 miles on it, comes with all the ‘bells and whistles,’ Angell said, stating the truck will come with almost all of the hoses, radios and ladders still on it. He added that the price of the truck is well under the cost of purchasing a new truck, which could cost the city between $325,000 and $375,000.

thanks Bill

Tinley Park FD Engine 211

Tinley Park Engine 211, a 1994 Spartan Diamond/Darley with a 1,500-GPM pump and 500 gallons of water may be purchased by the Chicago Heights Fire Department. Bill Friedrich photo

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Tinley Park orders new aerial

This from Karl Klotz:

Tinley Park Fire Department 1976 Seagrave aerial ladder

Tinley Park will replace this 1976 Seagrave 100′ rear mount with a 2013 Pierce Velocity 100′ rear mount. Karl Klotz photo

Tinley Park has ordered a Pierce Velocity 100ft heavy-duty aluminum aerial ladder without a pump. This truck is replacing the current Truck Co. 201 (1976 Seagrave aerial ladder) and Squad Co. 201 (1994 Spartan Darley pumper).

Tinley Park Fire Department Engine 201 Spartan Darley

Tinley Park ordered a new aerial ladder which will replace this 1994 Spartan/Darley pumper/squad in addition to a Seagrave ladder truck. Karl Klotz photo

The new truck was designed to accommodate specialized rescue and basic haz-mat, as well as fire suppression duties. It will be housed at Station 1 and will function as a jump-company for about a year until additional staffing is added. Currently, there is one crew at Station 1 which staffs Engine Co 201. Truck Co. 201 will be due on all Box Alarms when a truck is requested, Full-Stills in the village, I-80 auto accidents, specialized rescue responses, and eventually it will be an additional daily staffed truck company. Currently there is only one staffed truck company (Truck Co. 204) which is housed at Station 4.  This new truck is slated for delivery in the spring of 2013.


This will be the first Pierce aerial for the TPFD and the first strait ladder since 1976.  Currently, TPFD has five Pierce Dash engines and two 95′ E-ONE tower ladders assigned to Truck Co. 202 and Truck Co. 204.


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