Excerpts from WGEM.com:

A bill that could allow some older veterans to become firefighters has just passed the Illinois Senate on Tuesday.

House Bill 3203 says that active duty or reserve members of the military between the ages of 35-40 would be allowed to take the firefighting exam, and if they pass could become firefighters. As of now, no one over the age of 35 is allowed to take the firefighting exam.

Quincy Fire Chief Joe Henning says any bill that helps veterans is a good idea.

“A lot of times veterans forgo the traditional route of seeking a job, they may not go to college right out of the back, they may enlist directly into the military and these are people that are willing to lay down their lives to go out and serve their citizens of their country,” Henning said. “And if we can give them a little bit of a hand up, but not a handout by any means because they’re certainly working to get these jobs.”

House Bill 3203 is now going to the governor’s desk, no word on if or when he’ll sign.

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