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New aerial for Glenview

The new Pierce Arrow XT for Glenview Truck 14 has been posted to the Pierce Flickr site.

Glenview Fire Department Truck 14

Pierce composite

We previously posted images HERE.

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Glenview FD apparatus updates

The Glenview Fire Department has two new units on order.

  • a Type I ambulance from Medtec (M-170) on an IHC 4300 chassis is expected in early November. The body will be slightly larger than the current units and the paint scheme will vary somewhat as well. This will be assigned to Ambulance 6. The current unit running as Ambulance 6 will go into reserve, and the Freightliner/Road Rescue will be disposed of.
  • In February, Truck 14 is scheduled to receive a 2013 Pierce Arrow XT 100′ rear mount quint. It will have roll-up doors similar to the current (2003 Pierce Dash) with a 1,500-GPM pump, 400 gallons of water, and two 25-gallon foam cells. The cab though will have the same configuration as the engines. The extended front bumper will house hydraulic extrication tools.

New photos have been added to Station 6. A new image of ambulance 6 and a photo of the new Engine 6 (that had not yet been added to the site).

Glenview Fire Department Ambulance 6

Glenview Ambulance 6 is a 2007 IHC 4300/Medtec Type I. Larry Shapiro photo

Glenview Fire Department Engine 6

Glenview Engine 6 is a 2010 Pierce Arrow XT 1500/400/10/40 rescue pumper. The design is virtually identical to Engine 8 (2009). Larry Shapiro photo

Additionally, Glenview Squad 6 has been decommissioned and is for sale.

Glenview Fire Department Squad 6

Squad 6 has been decommissioned and is for sale.

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