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Former Mess Canteen; #MESSEmergencySupportServices; #canteen; #forsale; #

Jimmy Bolf photo; #MESSEmergencySupportServices; #canteen; #forsale; #

Jimmy Bolf photo; #MESSEmergencySupportServices; #canteen; #forsale; #

Jimmy Bolf photo; #MESSEmergencySupportServices; #canteen; #forsale; #

Jimmy Bolf photo; #MESSEmergencySupportServices; #canteen; #forsale; #

Jimmy Bolf photo; #MESSEmergencySupportServices; #canteen; #forsale; #

Jimmy Bolf photo

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Metro North Emergency Support Services

Metro North Emergency Support Services

The Metro North Emergency Support Services Inc. (M.N.E.S.S. Inc.) is organized as a non-profit corporation operating exclusively for charitable, civic purposes, within the meanings of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Because M.N.E.S.S. Inc. is a 501(c)3 organization, your donation is tax-deductible within the guidelines of I.R.S. tax codes. To claim a donation deduction on your U.S. taxes, we will send you upon successful completion of your donation, a thank you letter for your donation as proof.

Metro North Emergency Support Services Inc. purpose is for the general welfare of all emergency personnel such as, fire departments (firefighters), Emergency Medical Services Agencies (paramedics/EMT’s), police departments (police officers/sheriffs and troopers), all federal, state, and local emergency governmental agencies, and all associated emergency services agencies, including utility workers, for their employees/members, at emergency incident locations, along with offering our services to civilian victims of fires and other emergencies. Our services are also provided at Official Line of Duty Deaths (L.O.D.D.) for sworn members of fire departments and police departments to provide non-emergency canteen-rehab services (food and drink services) at wakes and funerals services in the northern counties of Cook, Lake, and McHenry, in the State of Illinois. Also when requested by officials so to provide non-emergency or emergency canteen-rehab services (nourishment and rehydration) in other counties, cities, towns, villages, etc.

Our purpose and services are also available to all local fire, and police departments and other municipal agencies upon official request, to provide our food and drinks services at annual Memorial Remembrance Services for Line of Duty Deaths (L.O.D.D.) of sworn members for fire and police personnel, and their family members at memorial ceremonies. Metro North Emergency Support Services Inc. currently maintains two canteen-rehab vehicles with a third currently being retrofitted into a canteen-rehab vehicle. We also provide a portable toilet trailer unit (port-a-potty) which are all stationed at municipal firehouses in the northern suburbs of Cook and Lake Counties in Illinois. Our volunteer members and vehicles respond to major fires and disaster emergency incidents including, police incident scenes throughout the northern suburbs of Illinois. The organization’s vehicles are equipped with serving windows and food preparation equipment, which enables us to serve hot coffee, hot chocolate, hot tea, etc., including cold bottled water, fruit drinks, iced tea, lemonade, and Gatorade style drinks, etc., plus individually wrapped donuts and pastries, along with other snacks foods and fresh fruit such as cookies, granola bars, potato chips, pretzels, nuts, beef jerky, grapes, apples, bananas, etc. beside other such food items at long-running emergency incidents such as, hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, pizza slices, taco’s, soup, etc. to local Firefighters, Paramedic’s/EMT’s, Police Officers, Sheriffs Deputies, State Troopers, ATF Agents, FBI Agents, etc., and all Federal, State, and Local Emergency Governmental Agencies, and all associated Emergency Services Agencies, for their employees/members, at emergency fire and police incident scenes.

Our heated and well-maintained portable (port-a-potty) trailer unit is also used at these long-running emergency incident scenes for all emergency first responder’s private use. Now-a-days, since everyone has a cell phone camera, and with firefighters and police officers, etc., having their departments/agency’s names along with their last name printed on the back of their turnout gear (fire coats and jackets, etc.), firefighters, and police officers, etc., have to find a private area or public washroom, not far from their assigned location, such a dimly-lit area to relieve themselves at long running emergency scenes (especially females), without fear of having their photo taken in the middle of relieving themselves, and placed on social media for their embarrassment! With our portable toilet trailer unit (port-a-potty) that embarrassing problem has been alleviated!

The canteen-rehab vehicles are staffed entirely by dedicated volunteers on call and are available to respond twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week from their home or workplace, etc. Members automatically respond to these major extra alarm fires, hazardous material incidents, floods, water rescue/dive incidents, plane crashes, train derailments, missing person ground searches, and building collapse. Also for long-running incidents as requested by local Officials to Special calls for other emergency incidents including, police S.W.A.T. incidents for hostage, barricade and standoffs incidents, police officer shot, active shooter, and long-running crime investigations, etc.

The M.N.E.S.S. Inc. organization is supported entirely by donations from the local fire and police departments we serve in Northern Cook and Lake, Counties. We also accept donations from the general public and local businesses in appreciation of our services to the local community for supporting their local firefighters and police officers. As an approved Internal Revenue Service 501(C)(3) charity organization, all donations of any services that you or your company consider donating to us, along with any monetary or gift cards, are tax deductible under statutes of the Internal Revenue Service code. Please contact us at the email address listed at the bottom of this webpage if you are interested in making a donation to our organization or for more information about us.

Organization expenses include maintenance of our vehicles, insurance, and fuel, along with such items as, any bank charges, postal services fees, annual filing fees, photocopying, computer and printer equipment, equipment supplies, stationary supplies, equipment parts and supplies, food and drink purchasing for restocking vehicles, and for the general operating expenses of the corporation, with its day-to-day operations.

The Metro North Emergency Support Services Inc. (M.N.E.S.S. Inc.) replaced the former volunteer charitable organization, Metropolitan Emergency Support Services Inc., which shut down for the worldwide pandemic and never restarted its operations. Metro North Emergency Support Services Inc. (M.N.E.S.S. Inc.) now with an all-new management staff and Board of Directors, made up of volunteer members who have been in the Emergency Canteen-Rehab Service for well over forty years, and have the experience to restructure the much requested service from the local municipal departments/agencies once again.

Metro North Emergency Support Services Inc. has NO affiliation with any other organization or corporation. Persons twenty years of age and older, interested in the fire service, are encouraged to download an “Application To Become A Volunteer” with our organization from the APPLICATION page of our website.

* * Attention Fire Fans & Fire Buffs * *

The Metro North Emergency Support Services Inc. is an all volunteer 501(C)(3) civic charitable organization. We are in the process of launching an all new Emergency Rehab-Canteen Service sanctioned by the local government agencies in the northern suburbs of Cook and Lake Counties, to provide hydration and nutrition (food and drinks) services at emergency and non-emergency incident scene locations, for all area Emergency First Responders, such as, Firefighters, EMS, Police Officers, Sheriffs, Troopers, all Federal, State, and Local Emergency Governmental Agencies and all associated Emergency Services Agencies, for their employees/members, at emergency incident locations, along with offering services to civilian victims of fires and emergencies.
We are accepting applications for drivers and helpers to respond to theseemergency incidents 24/7. We are especially seeking retired or employed drivers and helpers that work nights that would be available for daytime responses!

Formerly known as, Metropolitan Emergency Support Services Inc. (M.E.S.S.) Metro North Emergency Support Services Inc. (M.N.E.S.S.) has NO affilation with the dissolved M.E.S.S. corporation!


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