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Fire Department patches added

We have recently received an influx of fire department patches to add to listings on the site. The following department patches have now been added:

Elk Grove Village Fire Department patch
Lemont Fire Protection District patch
Orland Fire Protection District patch
Oak Forest Fire Department patch

Matteson Fire Department patch

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New ambulance in Lemont

This from Scott Pilafas:

Just put in service as 914 replaced 2004 McCoy Miller. Great website appreciate all your hard work !! 
Lemont Fire Protection District ambulance

Lemont’s new Ford F-450/Medtec Type I ambulance is in service as 914. Scott Pilafas photo

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Lemont FPD American LaFrance engine

This from Matt Schumann as an addition to the posting of the Lemont FPD:

For an historical perspective – here is a picture of the Lemont ALF pumper after the Pierce Refurb and shortly before it being sold by the department.  The guys loved this rig even in its last days where it was not able to pump well.


Lemont Fire District American LaFrance Century

Lemont FPD Engine prior to being decommissioned by the department. It was built in 1983 by American LaFrance on a Century chassis and refurbished in 1995 by Pierce. Matt Schumann photo

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Lemont receives new Ferrara

The Lemont Fire Protection District has taken delivery of a Ferrara MVP pumper on an Igniter chassis. The rescue pumper has a 1,500-GPM pump and a 750-gallon water tank. It carries Ferrara job # H-4758.

Lemont Fire Department Ferrara Igniter MVP Rescue Pumper

Ferrara photo

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New Ferrara engine for Lemont

A previous post mentioned a new Ferrara MVP pumper on order for Lemont (H-4758). Martin Nowak found the unit in production on the Ferrara website HERE. The unit will feature an Igniter chassis and have a 1,500-GPM Pump with 750 gallons of water on-board. The production shots show the cab shell has been made.

Ferrara Igniter cab shell for Lemont IL

The cab shell for Lemont's Ferrar Igniter engine has been completed. Ferrara photo


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