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CFD apparatus photos updated

Additional apparatus has been added to the Chicago Fire Department listings with images by Karl Klotz, Bill Friedrich, and Dan McInerney:

1st District:

Chicago Fire Department Ambulance 45 Braun

2nd District:
Chicago Fire Department Truck 53 Pierce Dash
  • 4-5-2 and 2-7-2 have been added to Engine 112‘s house
  • Ambulance 47 has been added to Engine 108‘s house
  • Truck 53 has been added to Engine 125‘s house
  • Truck 35 has been added to Engine 76‘s house
5th District:
Chicago Fire Department Tower Ladder 37 HME LTI
  • Tower Ladder 37 has been added to Engine 60‘s house
  • Ambulance 57 has been added to Engine 45‘s house
  • Ambulance 55 has been added to Engine 47‘s house


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New Network TV Show Chicago Fire – update

One of our readers found a link to an NBC article on the filming of Chicago Fire that includes a gallery of images from the Columbus Avenue scene this week. Looking at the photos will answer several reader questions that have been posed about the apparatus being used as Squad 3 with an unconventional … unique color scheme. Also there is a large blue stripe that has been added to the ambulance.

Tim Olk submitted images of the three suppression rigs being used for the show. Squad 3 is obviously the spare haz mat (G-492, 1989 Spartan Gladiator/Saulsbury) but the shop numbers have been removed from the engine (1995 Spartan/Luverne) and the truck 1995 or 1996 Seagrave). The Ambulance carries shop #C055 which is a 200 Ford/MedicMaster (American LaFrance) that had been assigned to Ambulance 47.

Chicago Fire tv show Squad 3

The CFD spare haz mat unit has acquired a unique paint scheme for inclusion in the TV show Chicago Fire. Shop # G-492, a 1989 Spartan/Saulsbury. Tim Olk photo

Chicago Fire Department Haz Mat Unit 511 5-1-1

When Chicago received the Haz Mat unit in 1989, this is what it looked like. Larry Shapiro photo

Chicago Fire tv show Engine 51

Engine 51 on the tv show is using this 1995 Spartan/Luverne. Tim Olk photo

Chicago Fire tv show Truck 81

Truck 81 for the tv show is using this 1995 or 1996 Seagrave aerial. Tim Olk photo

Check it out the NBC5 article HERE.

Thanks Danny

Filming a new TV show Chicago Fire in Chicago

This image of the filming that happened on Wednesday shows that the ambulance being used is shop #C055. This is a 2004 Ford/MedicMaster that was previously assigned to Ambulance 47. Tim Olk photo

Chicago Fire TV show accident scene

A view of the filming on Columbus Drive showing the very unique Chicago Squad 3. NBC5 photo

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