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Chicago Ridge Fire Department news

From the Chicago Ridge Fire Department on Facebook:

A friend shared pictures of Chicago Ridge’s old engine 6533. It is being used on the set of Chicago Fire.; #FireTruck; #EONE; #Spartan; #ChicagoRidgeFD; #ChicagoFireTVshow;; #FireTruck; #EONE; #Spartan; #ChicagoRidgeFD; #ChicagoFireTVshow;; #FireTruck; #EONE; #Spartan; #ChicagoRidgeFD; #ChicagoFireTVshow;

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Chicago Fire TV show

From Michael J. Bonome:
Chicago Fire tv show fire truck

Michael J. Bonome photo

Chicago Fire tv show fire truck

Michael J. Bonome photo

Chicago Fire tv show fire truck

Michael J. Bonome photo

thanks Danny

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Chicago Fire TV show

This from Danny Nelms:

Greg Leeb shared this photo from last weekend of what appears to be a replacement for the ex Evanston Pierce Arrow that they had been using .
new fire engine for Chicago Fire TV show

Greg Leeb photo

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Chicago Fire TV show

Excerpts from

Each week, Chicago Fire delivers enough emotional twists and turns to make our heads spin. The show has been known to shock audiences with painful deaths and teary-eyed breakups but, as its name would suggest, it also showcases plenty of fires.

The members of the Firehouse 51 team have rescued countless pedestrians, responded to devastating car crashes, and ran into burning buildings. The high-stakes scenarios and the actors’s professionalism make it easy to forget that they’re not actually firefighters. Still, the cast of Chicago Fire isn’t just reading lines when the cameras start rolling—they’re acting based off of training they’ve done with the Chicago Fire Department.

The cast is put through training that mimics real-life scenarios faced by firefighters. The actors have worn all of the gear, knocked down doors, used the Jaws of Life to break into cars, and walked through rooms so filled with smoke that it’s impossible to see.

The idea behind these exercises is that each experience gives the cast a better idea of what being a firefighter is really like, so they can portray that to audiences. Based on the emotional reactions from fans after every episode, it’s safe to say they’re doing a good job.

thanks Martin


Chicago Fire TV show update

The Chicago Fire TV show was filming at Wrigley Field on Wednesday

Excerpts from

Two Chicago Cubs players will guest star on “Chicago Fire.” Chicago Cubs Kris Bryant and Jake Arrieta, as well as NBC Sports’ Mike Tirico, will appear in the season five finale of “Chicago Fire,” airing May 16. In the episode, a young Cubs fan is in a serious car accident and is not only injured but also loses his entire baseball card collection in the flames. Firefighter Christopher Hermann (David Eigenberg) attempts to cheer the boy up by giving him an unforgettable experience.

thanks Dan


As seen around … Evergreen Park

Steve Redick found Chicago Truck Co. 75 … in Evergreen Park. SS3 has been lettered for use in the TV show Chicago Fire.

Evergreen Park SS3 lettered as Chicago Truck 75 for the Chicago Fire TV show

Evergreen Park SS3 lettered as Chicago Truck 75 for the Chicago Fire TV show. Steve Redick photo

fictitious Chicago FD Truck 75 decal

Company decal made for the show. Steve Redick photo

Evergreen Park SS3 lettered as Chicago Truck 75 for the Chicago Fire TV show

Steve Redick photo

Evergreen Park FD SS3 Snorkel

Matt Schumann photo

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Inspector finds fault with city workers on tv shows

Excerpts from

Two Chicago Fire Department employees worked as extras on the “Chicago Fire” TV show when they shouldn’t have been doing so, city Inspector General Joseph Ferguson said Thursday in a report that highlighted several apparent violations by employees working on the NBC show.

In one case, a deputy district chief was on duty while he worked on the hit program … that often uses real firefighters as extras, Ferguson said in his quarterly report. The deputy district chief retired before he could be disciplined, but Ferguson’s report says the city law department sought compensation and received a full payment of $1,634 for the time he was on duty while on the set of the show.

In another case, a firefighter worked on the show while on medical leave and was fired from the Chicago Fire Department.

The watchdog recommended that both the fire department and police department workers appearing on the show fill out their own time sheets from the program, so as not to be accused of moonlighting when they’re supposed to be on duty.

And the inspector general noted that firefighters have been trading work shifts with one another to get time off to work on the TV show, which he said is in violation of the firefighters union contract that prohibits trading shifts for outside employment.

In addition, Ferguson dinged firefighters and paramedics for bringing their own gear to work on the TV show in apparent violation of department rules.

thanks Dan

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Chicago Fire TV Show update

This from Eric Franzyshen

I follow your website ( on a daily basis and I saw the post about the rig that was purchased from Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus for the show Chicago Fire. While browsing through instagram about a week ago, I came accross the attached pic with what appears to be the same truck, just on it side and marked up for Truck 81.  Let me know if you agree or not.
fire truck on Chicago Fire TV Show

photographer unknown

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Chicago Engine 18 company apparel with Chicago Fire TV show

This from CFD Engineer John H.

Here is a link to our pages. We have Engine 18 shirts and sweatshirts with Chicago Fire TV show companies on the back.  Can’t find them anywhere else.


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As seen around … Chicago

This from Dennis McGuire, Jr.:

new Chicago FD ambulances

New CFD ambulances. Dennis McGuire, Jr. photo

This from Tim Olk:

fire truck used on tv show

X-Antioch FD squad re-lettered and painted as Chicago FD Squad 3 for the Chicago Fire TV show. Tim Olk photo

This from Josh Boyajian:

New Buggies are being readied for 2-2-2, Battalion 8 and Battalion 7, plus new Ambulances for 89 and 13. The light bars on the buggies have blue lights on the corners.

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