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Boone County Fire Protection District #2 news (more)

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Tuesday was Election Day in Illinois, and a referendum in Boone County affected Fire Protection District #2.

Voters were asked to approve buying and operating two fully-staffed ambulances. A “yes” would raise annual taxes to right around $130 a year for a $100,000 house.

It looks like voters gave the county the green light to make the purchase.

Boone County Fire Protection District #2 Chief Brian Kunce said that having a dedicated ambulance service to help in times of trouble will be a great thing for the community in many ways, including response times.

With the recent ambulance agreement no longer in place, this will give two vehicles that are committed to serving the taxpayers of the district. It also includes a 24/7 staffed service.

Kunce said this result shows that the community has a great understanding of who helps in times of trouble, and that residents are committed to helping as well.

“This wasn’t a want, it was a need for the community, because we were dealt this last-minute change when the previous ambulance service was sold,” Kunce said. “So, we have a lot of work to do in a short amount of time to get that message out, and now we are going to be able to provide this dedicated service to our community.”

Kunce said that it will take just under a year for District #2 to receive its first ambulance.

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Chicago FD Lieutenant Jan Tchoryk LODD 4-5-23

Chicago FD Lieutenant Jan Tchoryk from Tower Ladder 10 died this morning after the 3-11 Alarm fire.


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3-11 Alarm fire with Mayday in Chicago, 4-5-23 (more)

also from CFD Media on Twitter:

#Chicago Fire Department;; #ChicagoFD; #mayday at fire; #Firefighter critical;

CFD Media photo


All members are accounted for at the highrise. 

3 Firefighters transported to hospitals – 1 yellow and 2 red

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3-11 Alarm fire with Mayday in Chicago, 4-5-23

From CFD Media on Twitter:

Still and box high rise 1212 north lake shore drive fire on 27

Plan one at the still and box 1212 LSD

2 11 1212 north LSD. Water on the fire on 27 one injured firefighter.

Update. Injured firefighter in good shape. We have lost all elevators. Water on fire main body of fire is out. Some hot spots.

Second injured firefighter. Details will follow. Smoke still heavy on 27

Mayday has been called at the 2 11

EMS PLAN TWO AT THE HIGHRISE 1212 LSD. Mayday for firefighter down. 

3 11 with mayday 1212 LSD. 

Firefighter critically injured. At 311 MAYDAY

Firefighter has been removed from building. Very critical to hospital.


Crews requesting more hose lines firefighters walking hose up to 26 floor. Elevators out of service.


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