From the Prospect Heights Fire District:

Companies responded to the listed location for a report of a structure. Prior to arrival dispatch informed responding units that the fire was on the rear deck and had been extinguished. Following an investigation, a smoldering fire from a planter box had dropped smoldering materiaal onto the the rear balcony deck and caused a deck fire. Firefighters cut and removed a deck board along with some trim and checked for extension, then proceeded to wash down the area and completed extinguishment.

Companies at the scene:
Prospect Heights E9, Twr9, E39, Batt. 9 and 900. Wheeling E23, MP Twr13, and MP A14.

Prospect Heights fire engine on the scene at Rob Roy

Drew Smith photo

Firefighters overhaul deck after a fire

Drew Smith photo

CAD printout of Prospect Heights FD incident

CAD printout