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Working fire in Barrington Hills, 8-8-18

Excerpts from the

Barrington-Countryside Fire Protection District firefighters responded about 7:15 p.m. to a fire at a home along Ridgecroft Lane, just south of Spring Creek Road. Firefighters found a garage fully engulfed in flames.

Firefighters shuttled water because there aren’t fire hydrants in the area. Officials said it took 20 minutes for firefighters to control the blaze which had spread through the attic of the garage and house. It appears the fire might have started in a golf cart parked outside the home though the investigation continues. The fire caused about $200,000 damage to the Barrington Hills home

More than 20 fire departments assisted in response to the blaze.

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Sycamore Fire Department news (more)

This from Arty Zern:


The SFD 1923 Stutz (Engine 2) is finally on the road.  This link is to a video of the Stutz on the raod on the Sycamore Fire Preservation Company Facebook page.


From Sycamore Fire Preservation Co. Ltd.:

Sycamore truck # 2 responding to smoke showing at Plank & Lukens. Oh wait, that’s the Sycamore Steam Power Show. Sycamore Fire Department’s 1923 Stutz will be on display there this weekend. Stop by.


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Gary Fire Department history

This from Wayne Stuart for #TBT:

The Gary Fire Department operated this 1961 Seagrave KB model pumper. It carried Seagrave Serial #M-6595, had a 1000-GPM pump and a 500-gallon tank. It was purchased from the Valparaiso Indiana Fire Department in 1982 and ran as Engine Company 12 and as Engine Company 2.

wayne stuart photos

1961 Seagrave KB model pumper Seagrave Serial #M-6595

wayne stuart photo

1961 Seagrave KB model pumper Seagrave Serial #M-6595

Wayne Stuart photo

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Chicago Heights Fire Department news

Last week, Ron Lucarini, paid-on-call fire chief retired after 40 years of service to the community. Almost a hundred Chicago Heights paid, POC, and past firefighters stopped by to wish Ronnie well.

Mementos from his career filled two tables in the firehouse. There were many photos from newspapers of Ronnie fighting fires, toy fire engines and awards. One of the most treasured is a thank you letter from President Ronald Reagan. The President thanked Ronnie for his service while visiting Chicago Heights on June 28, 1985.

“I walked into the fire house to see if I liked it, I stayed for 40 years,” Ron said. “I have a lot of great stories … One of the good memories was an outcome of a fire on 14th street. A lady named Frankie lost her husband in a house fire. She had her life savings in a paper bag. The roof caved in and every thing was impassable. Chief Puinti and I went inside. I kicked some wood away that was blocking the flow of water. As the water was leaving the second floor, here comes a paper bag with her life savings. We gave it to her and she hugged us both so tight and couldn’t thank us enough.”

“There was a house fire right down the street from # 1 station” recalls Ronnie. “I was the first one at the house. Myself and a police officer tried to go in the back door, I got down to crawl into the kitchen but the heat and smoke were to intense. After the fire was out, I went back into the kitchen and I was about two feet away from one child. I felt really bad. I kept thinking if only I could have held my breath for a few more seconds maybe I could have gotten him out. He and his two other brothers died.”

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