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Harvard Fire Protection District news

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An internal investigation into Harvard Fire Protection District employee misconduct unanimously was approved Tuesday by the district’s board. The board hired the Naperville-based Ottosen, Britz, Kelly, Cooper, Gilbert and DiNolfo law firm to conduct the investigation. The firm represents more fire protection districts than any other law firm in the state.  The firm’s billing rates are $225 an hour for attorneys, $160 an hour for law clerks and $150 for paralegal services. Retainer fee agreements to cover meetings and phone calls, flat-fee arrangements to cover fixed projects and flexible financial packages will ensure high-quality service to even the most financially burdened units of local government.

“As a result of our firm’s expertise and commitment to the fire service, we believe we will be able to bring a unique perspective to your district’s legal issues,” Ottosen said in the email. “We would welcome the opportunity to serve the Harvard Fire Protection District and anticipate no conflicts of interest with any of our clients.”

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Northbrook Fire Department news

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For the past year, the Northbrook police and fire departments have seen major changes in their managerial ranks as some officials retired and others were promoted.

The Northbrook Fire Department has promoted administrative officials 17 times since last summer, said Fire Chief Andrew Carlson. Some employees were promoted twice within that time frame. Carlson for example was promoted to deputy chief and then chief, he said. The promotions in the fire department led to six new hires, all firefighters and paramedics, and the department will hire two more firefighters and paramedics in October.

Since he was appointed in January, Carlson said the fire department has spent a lot of time reviewing previous procedures to increase efficiency. In May, the department reverted back to its previous policy of having two deputy chiefs, which also contributed to the fire department promotions this year. Moving forward, the department will spend time doing a data analysis to have the ability to predict where call volumes will come from.

In the Northbrook Police Department, the retirement of eight administrative positions led to multiple shifts within the department.

All of the promotions have been internal, which benefits the departments because the officials moving up in rank have institutional, community and procedural knowledge. Most promotions are a result of a retirements after serving the community for the majority of their career. The departments can see multiple retirements in a given year because a lot of employees are hired at the same time early on in their career and stay with the department for decades.

As police and fire officials move through the ranks, the departments need to hire new officers and firefighter/paramedics. Following state statutes, both departments partner with agencies in neighboring communities to test candidates looking for police and fire jobs.

The departments work with the Board of Fire and Police Commissioners to select which candidates to hire based on the initial test scores, interviews, and other department requirements, like a polygraph, Adkins said. Both departments are required to administer the test every two years, so if a position opens they have lists of potential candidates.

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West Chicago Fire Department news

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Firefighters were training when they discovered a smoldering body laying in the grass. The drill turned into a death investigation in the 1300 block of Joliet Street in West Chicago. Investigators were on the scene almost ten hours after the body was found burning in a field. There were a number of boarded up homes on the abandoned property.

Firefighters say they were scheduled to burn the abandoned houses in a controlled burn exercise when they made the gruesome discovery. West Chicago Police say the body was of an adult male. His identity is being withheld until an autopsy is performed and the family is notified.

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Buffalo Grove Fire Department news

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A pickup truck slammed into a light pole in Buffalo Grove early Thursday morning and burst into flames. Police said the driver was headed east on Half Day Road when the truck left the road and struck a light pole near Willow Parkway around 3:50 a.m. The truck caught fire and sustained heavy damage. The driver managed to climb out of the vehicle and was found by first responders police a few feet from the scene. 

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