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Huntley firefighter injured during training

Excerpts from the Northwest Herald:

The Huntley Fire Protection District transported one of its own employees to an area hospital for injuries sustained during a training activity, fire officials said Friday.

Huntley Fire Lt. Ken Larson confirmed it was a Huntley firefighter who was injured during a training activity. He would not specify how the patient was injured, but said any injuries were not life-threatening. The firefighter was taken to Advocate Sherman Hospital in Elgin. Given the intensity of some of the training, Larson said injuries do occur from time to time. The incident was accidental and will not require any sort of investigation, he added.

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Funeral for Fox Lake Police Lt. Joe Gliniewicz (update)

This is from the 100 Club of Chicago:

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 11.06.19 AM

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 11.05.10 AM

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Gary Fire Department update

This from Eric Haak:

Six Gary fire stations have been adorned with new indicator placards to coincide with their switch to a consolidated Lake County dispatch system.  86 for Headquarters, 87 on Squad 2, 89 on Engine 4, 96 on Engine 11, 97 on Engine 12 and 98 on Engine 13.  The other in-service stations did not have these placards on them as of 11/07 and I do not know if they will be getting them.  I will share pictures of the other stations in a different post.  I am not someone who is in the know, just a casual observer.  I am sure some of the other experts out there can answer questions as to who is where and why.  I will comment that the Engine 9 you see in the headquarters bay was actually running as Engine 1 on Saturday (11/07) in case anyone was wondering.  A nice day to take pictures so I thought I would share.  Pretty quiet day overall.  A lot of medic calls and no structure fires.
Gary FD Station 86

Gary FD Station 86. Eric Haak photo

Gary FD Station 87

Gary FD Station 87. Eric Haak photo

Gary FD Station 89

Gary FD Station 89. Eric Haak photo

Gary FD Station 96

Gary FD Station 96. Eric Haak photo

Gary FD Station 97

Gary FD Station 97. Eric Haak photo

Gary FD Station 98

Gary FD Station 98. Eric Haak photo

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