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Inspector finds fault with city workers on tv shows

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Two Chicago Fire Department employees worked as extras on the “Chicago Fire” TV show when they shouldn’t have been doing so, city Inspector General Joseph Ferguson said Thursday in a report that highlighted several apparent violations by employees working on the NBC show.

In one case, a deputy district chief was on duty while he worked on the hit program … that often uses real firefighters as extras, Ferguson said in his quarterly report. The deputy district chief retired before he could be disciplined, but Ferguson’s report says the city law department sought compensation and received a full payment of $1,634 for the time he was on duty while on the set of the show.

In another case, a firefighter worked on the show while on medical leave and was fired from the Chicago Fire Department.

The watchdog recommended that both the fire department and police department workers appearing on the show fill out their own time sheets from the program, so as not to be accused of moonlighting when they’re supposed to be on duty.

And the inspector general noted that firefighters have been trading work shifts with one another to get time off to work on the TV show, which he said is in violation of the firefighters union contract that prohibits trading shifts for outside employment.

In addition, Ferguson dinged firefighters and paramedics for bringing their own gear to work on the TV show in apparent violation of department rules.

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As seen around … Lansing

This from Jon Hultman:

Hello, my name is Jon Hultman and I am sending you this information on an old squad truck that I have been following to see if anyonehas an interest in it.  It is presently at Precision Truck in Lansing where the squad box will be removed and the top cut down.  It will then be remounted an a newer chassis to serve the private sector as a service truck.  The cab and chassis will then have a snowplow, flat bed, and salt box installed for Crete Gardens.  The rig last served in Thornton EMA until just a couple of weeks ago and before that was in Wilmington ESDA as a Water Rescue Unit.  The labels on the body indicate it was originally built by Rescue Systems, Inc. of Fairmont, West Virginia.  I haven’t been able to locate any info on that company or any more prior history.  It has its original Ford 374 4-valve gasoline motor and an Allison automatic transmission with a PTO generator.  I just think it’s a cool little unit and these Ford fire and emergency service units are starting to become rare birds as they pass 30 years of age.  Thanks for your time.  A loyal follower, JJH

old Ford L series Rescue Systems Inc fire truck

This rig last served the Thornton EMA and before that with Wilmington ESDA as a Water Rescue Unit. Jon Hultman photo

Rescue Systems Inc fire truck emblem

Jon Hultman photo

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New tower ladder for Bloomingdale

This from Mike Maida:

I was on the Emergency One website yesterday and found these pictures of the new Bloomingdale Tower 23.  Looks like it is complete!


Mike Maida

Bloomingdale FD Tower 23

E-ONE photo

Bloomingdale FD Tower 23

E-ONE photo

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