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Lombard firefighters receive award

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Lombard Firefighters Receive Elmhurst Memorial Hospital Run of the Year Award

On September 23, Elmhurst Memorial Hospital presented the Run of the Year award to Lombard Firefighter Paramedics; Lt. Frank Gallione, Tim Hogan, and Adam Kruckenberg, for their professional efforts in saving the life of a college student.

Elmhurst firefighters responded to an early morning fire call in February of 2015, and requested a change of quarters for Lombard firefighters, requiring them to cover Elmhurst’s Fire Station 2. At 4:30 a.m., Lombard firefighters responded to the call of an unconscious person found outside in frigid temperatures at an Elmhurst residence.

The victim, a 20-year old male college student, was exposed to -10°F temperatures with a wind chill of -25°F for an extended period of time and was found frozen to a driveway. The 9-1-1 call was made by a homeowner who  discovered the victim after going outside to warm up his car. Lombard firefighters were able to remove the individual from the surface of the driveway and provided aid which include administering warm intravenous fluids to help increase the body temperature. The victim suffered hypothermia and frostbite spending two days in intensive care before making a full recovery.

The rescue was a involved mutual-aid from surrounding communities and included paramedic assistance and transportation to the hospital in an Oakbrook Terrace FPD ambulance.

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Chicago FD history

From the collection of Wayne Stuart – unknown date, location, and photographer.

historic Chicago FD Hi-Ranger Snorkel

From the collection of Wayne Stuart – unknown date, location, and photographer.

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