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Chicago 3-11 Alarm fire, 9-25-14

Images from Josh Boyajian from the 3-11 Alarm @ 3909 w Harrison this afternoon.


heavy smoke from commercial building fire

Josh Boyajian photo

Chicago FD engine at fier scene

Josh Boyajian photo

heavy smoke from commercial building fire

Josh Boyajian photo

Chicago FD Snorkel at fire scene

Josh Boyajian photo

firefighters with multi-versal at huge fire

Josh Boyajian photo

More images are at this link 2014 Chicago Fires

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Pleasantview F.P.D. Ambulance 1514

This from Keith Grzadziel

Seen at LaGrange Hospital and recently repainted red.

ambulance photo

Pleasantview F.P.D. Ambulance 1514 . Keith Grzadziel photo

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A historical review …

From Steve Redick:

I cranked up the wayback machine for a long overdue session….Here’s a shot I believe I may have gotten from Chuck Madderom. A very rare image of the famous Snorkel Squad 3 operating with a Snorkel. I have no info on this location or date, but I LOVE this shot. This is the same rig, the original Snorkel, that was restored by ALF back in the 90’s. As many of you already know my dad was the captain of this company, and I did ride on one of the foam pressures a coupla times when I lived on Erie Street. That house is now gone too.

Classic Chicago fire scene photo with old Snorke

photographer unknown

Here’s a good old fire fan photo. A still alarm 59th & Lafayette or Lasalle maybe even Perry … not sure now … mid 70’s … fire venting out the side and a truckman holding the door shut after forcing it while the engine leads out. My dad is visible in the white helmet on the right side of the photo. I rode in the 12th battalion buggy to this job. Typical fire in the old 12th battalion in those days.

Vintage Chicago fire scene photo

Steve Redick photo

Don’t remember the date for this next one, but I was coming home from some tavern and took this in. Probably about 0300 or so, I’m thinking the late 80s. This was a pretty well known restaurant if I remember right..can anyone add more info?

1980s night fire scene near Chicago

Steve Redick photo

Let’s look at one more. Detroit lost 3 members in a major warehouse fire back in March 1987. This cartoon appeared in the paper the next day. I thought so much of it I bought a lithograph of it from the paper. This has always been a touching image for me.

lithograph of dalmation crying



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