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Sycamore raising funds to restore old fire engine

The Daily Chronicle has an article about

Former Sycamore firefighter Jerry Taylor still remembers the last time he went on a call with the city’s first motorized engine.

It was July 2, 1952, when Sycamore firefighters received a call that there was a fire at the old East School in Sycamore. The report was a false alarm, but Taylor ran outside to jump aboard the 1923 Stutz fire engine. A pick-up truck that the Sycamore Fire Department used for grass fires accidentally struck Taylor, causing a skull fracture and broken elbow. Those memories came back to Taylor, now 86 years old, Thursday when he saw the fire engine for the first time in decades.

Sycamore Fire Preservation Company, a nonprofit organization headed by Gene Ege, former Sycamore fire chief, is trying to raise $25,000 to restore the 1923 Stutz. So far, they’ve raised half their goal with donations from individuals and businesses.

To make a donation, residents may call Sycamore Assistant Fire Chief Marc Doty at 815-895-4514, Gene Ege at 815-761-8844, the DeKalb County Community Foundation at 815-748-5383 or visit Checks can be made out to “Sycamore Fire Preservation Company LTD. Fund.”

Sycamore Fire Preservation Company will hold a bunco dice and dinner fundraiser at 6:15 p.m. Sept. 20 at Sycamore Veterans Memorial Home, 121 California St., Sycamore. Attendees must make a reservation to Kris Morris at 815-762-3050.

The goal is to get the fire engine running again, Ege said. So far, a mechanic has repaired the wooden spokes, and the mechanic still needs to assess the batteries and wiring to see if they can eventually get the vehicle running to use in parades, Ege said.

Although many of the firefighters who responded to fire calls with the 1923 Stutz have since died, Ege said he found four former Sycamore firefighters still alive today when looking at a list of firefighters dating back to the 1910s.

A close look at the fire engine shows the name “Sycamore” faintly on the hood.

thanks Dan

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Working fire in Vernon Hills, 9-5-14

This from Sam Borcia:

The Countryside Fire Department was dispatched initially to a smoke investigation inside a townhouse at 15 Timber Lane in Vernon Hills Friday, 9-5-14, at around 9:30 PM. It was upgraded to a working fire response soon after arrival. When I got there, the fire was mostly out. Two hose lines were laid, Mundelein Quint 432 aerial was to the roof, no visible fire or smoke was seen. Primary and secondary searches were clear. Red Cross was requested. I’ve included some of the fire apparatus photos.
Thanks, Sam Borcia.
fire scene at night

Sam Borcia photo

fire scene at night

Sam Borcia photo

fire scene at night

Sam Borcia photo

fire scene at night

Sam Borcia photo

fire scene at night

Sam Borcia photo

fire scene at night

Sam Borcia photo

fire scene at night

Sam Borcia photo

fire scene at night

Sam Borcia photo

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Bridgeview is added to the site

Bridgeview Fire Department patchThe addition of the Bridgeview Fire Department completes the entire list of departments now in MABAS Division 21. The following information is from Keith Grzadziel

MABAS Division 21
Oak Lawn Central  Dispatch – 155.5575 mhz
26 personnel (at this time & down 12)
2 full-time stations:
Bridgeview Fire Department Station 1

Bridgeview Fire Department Station 1. Larry Shapiro photo

•Station #1   7500 S. Oketo Ave. Bridgeview,  IL 60455

Engine Co. 416 (front line)

Engine Co. 425 (reserve)

Ambulance 417

Battalion 40 (Car 403)

Car 400

•Station #2    7350 W. 100th Pl. Bridgeview,  IL 60455

Engine Co. 405 (front line)

Engine Co. 415 (reserve)

Ambulance 406

Ambulance 426 (reserve)

Brush 407

Car 401 (spare pool)

Daily staffing is 9 personnel until we hire ????

5 @ Sta. #1( BC or Lt in car, 2 on Eng, 2 on Amb)

4 @ Sta.#2 (2 on Eng, 2 on Amb)

*Sta. #2 can drop down to 3 and act as a jump company.

Horton ambulance on GMC chassis
Spartan Metro Star Crimson fire engine

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