It was four years ago today that the first post was added to this blog describing the web site. In the first month, seven entries were made in the blog describing the first fire departments that were uploaded to the site.

Here are a few stats from the fourth anniversary:

  • 2775 entries have been posted to the blog
  • 5760 comments have been made
  • 182,000 spam comments have been stopped from clogging the comment section
  • 200 fire departments and virtually the entire CFD have been uploaded
  • the site has received more that 1,338,639 visits
  • the site has been visited by more than 490,089 unique visitors
  • visitors from 186 countries have viewed our content
  • we have been visited by all 50 states and the District of Columbia

The staff would like to thank all of the contributors, photographers, and visitors for continually increasing the content and items of interest that have allowed the site to grow.

Thank you.