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Roberts Park Box Alarm in Hickory Hills 5-12-13

More images from the fire scene in Hickory Hills from the banquet hall fire.

This from Martin Nowak:

Here are some photos I’ve taken after the fire in Hickory Hills at the Camelot Banquets. It is a sad loss for the family, the building was remodeled not too long ago. As I was taking pictures, family of the owners were arriving to look at the damage. At this moment they were also boarding up the windows. There is heavy damage to the center of the building, including a large hole. If I remember clearly from the last time I’ve been there, that may be the kitchen or near the kitchen (My memory isnt that clear since its been at least 5 or more years) They had very good Polish food, I hope the family rebuilds soon. Thanks to my friend Caroline Juchas for her photo.


Camelot banquet hall fire in Hickory Hills

Caroline Juchas photo

Camelot banquet hall fire in Hickory Hills

Martin Nowak photo

Camelot banquet hall fire in Hickory Hills

Martin Nowak photo

Camelot banquet hall fire in Hickory Hills

Martin Nowak photo

Camelot banquet hall fire in Hickory Hills

Martin Nowak photo

Camelot banquet hall fire in Hickory Hills

Martin Nowak photo

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Roberts Park Box Alarm 5-12-13 in Hickory Hills

This from Eric Haak:

At 0423 hrs on Sunday morning, the Roberts Park Fire Department was toned out for the report of a structure fire at the Camelot Banquet Hall, 8624 W. 95th Street in Hickory Hills.  Hickory Hills Police reported smoke and flames coming from the roof which was confirmed by Roberts Park Battalion 3 who elevated the alarm to a MABAS Division 21 full still off Box 31 at 0427 hrs.  This was followed by the MABAS 21 Box Alarm at 0437 hrs.  Engines operating at the scene were Roberts Park Engine 32 (hydrant off 86th Court to the north of the fire building, Oak Lawn Engine 2 (on 95th Street just east of the fire building), Summit Engine 952 (on 95th Street directly across from the fire building, North Palos Engine 813 (in the parking lot of the fire building), Hometown Engine 468 (long leadout down 95th street to the west of the fire building).  Aerials operating included Roberts Park Ladder 31 (in the north half of the fire building’s parking lot), Chicago Ridge Tower 6504 (middle of the fire building’s parking lot), and North Palos Truck 814 (on 95th street directly in front of the fire building).  The Box was struck out at approx 0727hrs.  All photos copyrighted to Eric Haak.


Roberts Park FD fire engine

Roberts Park Engine 32 on a hydrant. Photo by Eric Haak

Chicago Ridge FD tower ladder

Two master streams working. Eric Haak photo

North Palos FPD aerial ladder truck

North Palos FPD aerial ladder working. Eric Haak photo

Hometown FD fire engine working

Hometown engine on a hydrant down the block. Eric Haak photo

Summit Fire Department engine pumping

Summit engine with lines off. Eric Haak photo

Chicago Ridge FD tower ladder

Chicago Ridge tower ladder with master stream. Eric Haak photo

Oak Lawn fire engine at fire scene

Oak Lawn engine on a hydrant. Eric Haak photo


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Restaurant fire in Lincolnwood 5-8-13

The Lincolnwood Fire Department fought a fire at Myron & Phil‘s restaurant at 3990 Devon Avenue in the overnight hours on May 8th. Steve Redick was at the scene and has this short video.

From CBS Chicago:

LINCOLNWOOD, Ill. (CBS) – The founder of an award-winning steakhouse in Lincolnwood has died, around the same time a fire damaged the restaurant on Wednesday.

WBBM Newsradio’s Regine Schlesinger reports, around 2:30 a.m., Myron Freedman died at the age of 95.

A short time later, a fire broke out in the storeroom of Myron & Phil’s, the steakhouse and seafood restaurant he and his brother founded 43 years ago at 3900 W. Devon Ave.

Lincolnwood Fire Battalion Chief John Jaeger said the worst of the damage was confined to the back of the restaurant, and he believes the restaurant can reopen soon.

“I wouldn’t see a reason why he wouldn’t reopen again,” Jaeger said. “It’s more cosmetic … there’s no real structural damage, so it shouldn’t take that long.”

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