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Changes in DuPage County – DuComm North

Reader Chris Guare provided additional information on the changes for departments operating on DuComm North

Glen Ellyn is joining the new numbering system as well: Change over scheduled by end of week

ST 1 = ST. 60 (and 61-Reserve apparatus) Northside

Eng 60

Eng 61

Snorkel 60

Sqd 60

Medic 60

Chief 60

DC 60


St 2 = St. 62 (and 63- Reserve apparatus) Southside

Eng 62

Eng 63

Tower 62

Medic 62

Assit. Chief 62

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Vintage issue of Fire Engineering Magazine has sent an interesting image of a copy of Fire Engineering Magazine from November 1953

Fire Engineering Magazine Cover from November 1953

An image of the cover of Fire Engineering Magazine from November of 1953.

The caption reads:

Firemen of Chicago Heights, Ill., use [a] heavy plank as [a] battering ram to force [a] door to [the] basement of City Hall. Two prisoners were trapped in the cells located therein, one perishing before help could reach him.

We’re wondering if any of our readers has more information on this incident?

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