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Vintage ad from Fire Engineering

Captain Steve Lusted of the Batavia Fire Department submitted the following:

Since you  posted an old Fire Engineering photo, I thought you might be interested in this advertisement from Nov 1949.

Originally BFD Engine 3, a 1948 American LaFrance 1000-gpm, the unit is now housed at the Aurora Fire Museum.

Fire Engineering Magazine November 1948 Batavia Fire Department American LaFrance

Alco-Lite ad from November 1949 as seen in Fire Engineering Magazine. Steve Lusted collection

American LaFrance 700 series engine

This Batavia engine, a 1948 American LaFrance 700-Series engine with 1,000-GPM pump and 500-gallon water tank was refurbished in 1956. Larry Shapiro photo

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Vintage issue of Fire Engineering Magazine has sent an interesting image of a copy of Fire Engineering Magazine from November 1953

Fire Engineering Magazine Cover from November 1953

An image of the cover of Fire Engineering Magazine from November of 1953.

The caption reads:

Firemen of Chicago Heights, Ill., use [a] heavy plank as [a] battering ram to force [a] door to [the] basement of City Hall. Two prisoners were trapped in the cells located therein, one perishing before help could reach him.

We’re wondering if any of our readers has more information on this incident?

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Looking back at another area rig has again posted a Chicago area rig in his section called ‘Looking Back.’ This time, he’s posted an ad for W.S. Darley & Company that was printed in the April issue of Fire Engineering from 1972. In the ad, there’s a traditional Darley delivery photo of a squad from Itasca.

WS Darley ad from Fire Engineering magazine April 1972

Itasca Fire Protection District 1972 Chevy Darley squad

The unit featured in the ad as photographed some years later. Larry Shapiro collection


Itasca Fire Protection District 1972 Chevy Darley squad

The Itasca squad featured in the 1972 Darley ad was re-numbered to Squad 8 and had updated emergency lighting added sometime prior to this photo being taken by Larry Shapiro

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Evergreen Park Pirsch featured in ad occasionally posts an entry entitled “Looking Back” where he displays a magazine ad from Fire Engineering Magazine which appeared in the 1950s. Recently, the ad from April of 1957, represented the Peter Pirsch & Sons of Kenosha, WI. In the ad was a drawing showing a mid-ship quint from Evergreen Park.

An article about the Pirsch in 1981, several years before the company shut down, can be found HERE.

Peter Pirsch & Sons magazine ad April 1957

Evergreen Park Fire Department 1965 Pirsch mid-mount quint

Bill Friedrich supplied us with an image of the unit as deployed in Evergreen Park matching their yellow rigs. This 1965 mid-ship quint had a 750-GPM pump, 250 gallons of water, and a 65' ladder. This 'modern' photo of Truck 32 features a Federal Q siren and two 888 warning lights on the fenders in addition to a roof beacon.

Evergreen Park Fire Department 1956 Pirsch mid-mount quint

Another image from Bill Freidrich after the truck was painted black over red by a local shop. The Q siren has been moved from the fender to the bumper.


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Vintage ad highlights Northfield FD

Today at, there is another post in their ‘Looking Back’ series where they show ads from Fire Engineering Magazine dating back to the 1950s. The current post shows an ad for B.F. Goodrich fire hose which depicts two firefighters and an engine from Northfield which appeared in April of 1957.

Fire Engineering Magazine ad from Apirl 1957

This ad from the April 1957 issue of Fire Engineering Magazine features the Northfield Volunteer Fire Department. photo courtesy of

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