The Northfield Fire & Rescue Department has been added minus one rig. The unit previously assigned as Ambulance 29 is currently being converted and re-lettered as Dive Rescue 29 with the department’s updated graphics. Once this has been completed it will be added to the site. The image of Engine 29 shows the older door decal as compared to Ambulance, Squad, Truck and Utility 29.

There is now an alphabetical index listing all of the departments that are in the MABAS Divisions which are active on the site. When other divisions are added, the index will reflect the new departments. There is also a Chicago FD index (by engine number) that is accessible on the Division 9 page as well as the directories for each of the  districts. Both indexes have active links to the stations/departments that are active. This is an alternative to the MABAS Division pages with respect to visiting individual departments. Both the division pages and the indexes will be updated as departments or CFD stations are added.