Chicago companies responded to a fire at 1896 N. Milwaukee Avenue last night around 9PM and encountered heavy smoke pushing out of a one-story brick commercial structure. Exposures on either side of the building were three-story brick buildings. The fire was elevated to a 2-11 alarm as companies went defensive pulling all personnel out of the building that was determined to have a light-weight truss roof. There were few means of reaching the deep-seated fire from the front and rear as windows were minimal. Engine 35 was lead out in Sector 1 with Truck 28, Tower 10, and Squad 2A. Engine 57 was in the alley and Engines 30 and 43 had hydrants at the south end of the block. Dennis McGuire, Jr., Tim Olk, Steve Redick, and Larry Shapiro all took in the fire. Images will be posted later today.

A brief article can be found HERE.

Chicago Fire Department 2-11 alarm fire Jan 26, 2011 at 1896 Milwaukee Avenue

A shot in Sector 1 showing Engine 35 supplying water to Squad 2's Snorkel. In the background is Truck 28 and Tower Ladder 10. Larry Shapiro photo

A gallery of ¬†Larry Shapiro’s images can be seen HERE. Steve Redick’s photos are HERE.

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