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X-Nunda engine now with Hebron-Alden-Greenwood

Thanks to Scott Peterson for the tip on this one.

The Hebron-Alden-Greenwood FPD purchased Engine 1346 from the Nunda Rural FPD sometime last year. The vehicle is now painted Red.

Nunda Rural Fire Protection District Engine 1346

Nunda Engine 1346, a 1984/1994 Spartan Monarch/FMC Roughneck 1250/1000 has been acquired by the Hebron-Alden-Greenwood Fire Protection District. Bill Friedrich photo

Bill Friedrich adds:

This vehicle, which currently has a Spartan Monarch cab, was originally delivered with a Ford C-8000 cab that was destroyed in an accident in 1994. I believe RPI did the work on this rehab. A photo of the new engine at Hebron will be added when photographed.

Nunda Rural Fire Protection District Engine 1336

Nunda Engine 1336 was delivered in 1984 by FMC with a Ford C-8000 cab and chassis. The engine was damaged in an accident and rebuilt in 1994 with a new Spartan Monarch cab. Bill Friedrich photo

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Skokie Engine 17 rehabbed

Jef Rudolph reports that Skokie Engine 17 has returned from Renewed Performance, Inc. (RPI) after having some body work and paint repairs, plus new LED lighting, and some minor work on the pump. It should be in service next week.

Skokie Fire Department Engine 17

Skokie Engine 17 received some body and paint work from RPI as well as the installation of new LED lighting. Jeff Rudolph photo

Skokie Fire Department Engine 17

Previous to returning from RPI, Engine 17 had a plain grille and conventional lighting. The door seal and 'Skokie' decals have also changed since the engine was originally delivered. Larry Shapiro photo

Skokie Fire Department Engine 17

The rear view highlights the new chevron striping. Jeff Rudolph photo


Skokie Fire Department Engine 17

The grille now shows the unit number, and Engine 17 has an LED lighting package. Jeff Rudolph photo

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Skokie’s Pirsch Snorkel

Skokie Fire Department 1969 Pirsch Snorkel

Skokie Snorkel 1 (later Truck 16) when it was in-service. Steve Redick photo

Jeff Rudolph spotted a familiar relic.

Skokie’s old ’69 Pirsch Snorkel. It was sadly heading to a scrapyard in Wisconsin.  It was picked up from Jim Carews place in Bristol, WI.  After it was placed out of service in the mid 90’s it was sold to Wally Mitchel, then Jim. It was used to put up radio towers and antennas. Take note of the missing basket, as well as anything else that was on it. Also look at the trailer its being hauled on. The guy only made it 1 mile and a State Trooper had him pulled over for an unsafe load.

Skokie Fire Department Pirsch Snorkel

The remnants of Skokie Truck 16, a 1969 Pirsch Snorkel heading to a scrap yard. Jeff Rudolph photo

Skokie Fire Department Pirsch Snorkel

A rear view of the Snorkel shows the bucket is missing. Jeff Rudolph photo

In other Skokie Fire Department news, Jeff mentions the following;

  • Tower 16 is back from being refurbished by Pierce. It is not yet in service.
  • Engine 17’s Pierce Saber will be in Tipton, IN at RPI for several months being refurbished.

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Rockdale Fire Department correction

On November 25th of last year, we added the Rockdale Fire Protection District, in MABAS Division 15 to the site. A photo by Karl Klotz featuring Rockdale Engine 2011 was posted with erroneous information. We are grateful to ‘Joe’ from Rockdale who has provided the correct information in a comment.

Hello! I'm a member of the Rockdale Fire Dept. A correction needs to be made 
here. Engine 2011 is somewhat mislabeled. Originally built by FMC in 1988(Job 
#7388), it has a Pem-Fab T-942 open cab chassis with the Sentinel body. The pump 
& tank size shown are correect. In 1999, the engine was involved in an accident 
in which the cab was damaged. The Fire Dist. contracted with RPI of Tipton, IN. 
to replace the damaged cab. The remains of Pem-Fab Truck manufacturers had 
2-T964 cab shells left. 1 of them became the new cab for this engine. In May of 
2000, this engine was placed back in service. It continues to provide protection 

The photo information has since been updated.

Rockdale FPD Engine 2011 Pemfab FMC Sentinel

The original post referenced the chassis as being a proprietary design for FMC by Spartan, when in fact it was built by Pemfab. The brochures shown below illustrate two different Spartan designs that were featured. Although cabs and chassis were supplied by both companies, the Pemfabs were not photographed for the literature, even though they were listed as being provided for the custom pumpers. The Pemfab is differentiated from the Spartan by the square black front grill and the side air vent positioned horizontally above the front wheel, whereas the Spartan has a full width black facia and a vertical air vent that is integral with the side and rail. The previous blog post also listed the body style as an Omega, when in fact Joe is correct that it was a Sentinel (SSIII).

FMC Fire Apparatus Sentinel pumper brochure

This Sentinel brochure illustrates an engine from Baltimore which was built around a Spartan chassis with a 4-door cab. Larry Shapiro collection

FMC Fire Apparatus Sentinel pumper brochure

The engine featured on the inside panel of this brochure was also built on a Spartan chassis with a 2-door cab. The Spartan version had the full width black facia and the air vent integrated with the handle. Larry Shapiro collection

FMC Fire Apparatus Sentinel pumper brochure

The rear cover of the FMC Fire Apparatus Sentinel brochure lists the Pemfab cab and chassis for the custom pumper. Larry Shapiro collection

FMC Fire Apparatus Sentinel pumper brochure

Inset of the Sentinel brochure showing the specifications for the SSIII custom chassis. Larry Shapiro collection

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Arlington Heights upgrades the reserve squad

Reserve Squad 2 which lives at Arlington Heights Station 2 has been upgraded with a new Ford F550 chassis. In addition, it has a new paint job and some additional body work that was preformed by RPI in Tipton, IN.  This is unit #145 which originally had the top half of the body painted white to match the paint break on the cab. Now it matches the design of the current squads.

Arlington Heights Fire Department Reserve squad

The reserve squad in Arlington Heights with a new Ford chassis.


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