Dennis McGuire, Jr. tells us the following:

Riverdale has traded in their Pierce engines for twin E-Ones which went thru Fire Service.  One of the Pierce engines (831) was sold to Joplin, Missouri. The other engine (830) was supposedly sold to a department downstate.
Also the 1971 Snorkel from Oak Forest is no longer on the roster and is in the process of being sold to a business in Crestwood that has plans to rebuild it into a memorial truck.
Riverdale Fire Department Engine 831 went to Joplin MO

The engine as it looked in Riverdale.

Riverdale Fire Department Pierce engine Joplin, Missouri Fire Departemnt

The 1995 Pierce Saber repainted for Joplin, MO (X-Riverdale, IL). Fire Service, Inc. photo


The Toyne squad is supposed to be at Fire Service for a complete rebuild.

Riverdale Fire Department HME Toyne Squad 851

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