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New deliveries

Here are a few recent area updates:

  • Bellwood (Division 20) has a new 2010 GMC/Osage Type III ambulance
  • Nunda Rural (Division 5) has their new 2010 Ferrara engine
  • Limestone FPD (Division 7, Kankakee County) has a new 2010 Ferrara Inferno rescue pumper
Limestone FPD Ferrara Inferno rescue pumper

Limestone Squad 3 is a 2010, Ferrara, inferno pumper/squad with a 2,000-GPM pump, and 500 gallons of water. Photo by Karl Klotz

Bellwood Fire Department Osage ambulance

Bellwood's new GMC/Osage ambulance before lettering. Osage photo

Bellwood Fire Department ambulance

Interior view of Bellwood's new Osage ambulance. Osage photo

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Ferrara updates

On the Ferrara Fire site there are updated photos of the new Ember engine being built for the Nunda Rural FPD in McHenry County. The pictures can be seen HERE with the body mounted to the cab and chassis.

Also on the Ferrara site HERE are finished photos of the Algonquin Igniter MVP rescue pumper that was on display at the IAFC trade show last week. You’l have to scroll down to see the photos listed alphabetically under Lake in the Hills. Similarly, the new Inferno tower ladder can be seen HERE by scrolling down as well.

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Ferrara updates

Ferrara has posted new images of the Glenside engine HERE showing that the body has been mounted.

At the same link, there are images of a new chassis which has been completed for the Nunda FPD in McHenry County on an Ember chassis. This engine will feature a 1,500-GPM pump and a 1,000-gallon water tank.

The two units for Algonquin no longer appear on the Ferrara website in the section showing trucks in production. The trucks are also not shown in the new deliveries section. Will we see these units being delivered at the show this week?

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