has reached a notable milestone with the recent posting of Lake Villa to the site. There are now 100 departments posted! We had a goal to add 40 departments this ‘season’ and have now surpassed that number, and we’re not done yet. The Indian summer which we have been experiencing has and continues to allow the contributing photographers to visit new departments. Karl Klotz has provided us with three departments from Division 7 in Kankakee County which are in the queue for posting and there are several more departments slated for a visit this fall. Dennis McGuire, Jr. has informed us that he too has the images to add several new departments to the site. Hank Sajovic and Larry Shapiro have contacts with several more departments to visit in the coming weeks. Our new goal is to get to 125 departments posted before the winter.

A sincere thank you goes out to all of the contributors, the departments who have graciously assisted us so that we can gather everything we need, and to the readers for visiting the site and commenting.

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