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Itasca Fire Protection District news

Excerpts from the

The Itasca Fire Protection District is asking voters for roughly $1 million in additional property taxes to pay for the rising cost of salaries, employee benefits, building maintenance and other expenses. The district’s funding request will appear on the April 4 ballot.

“The referendum we’re looking for is purely to take care of day-to-day operations,” Fire Chief James F. Burke Jr. said. “This is not to add more people. It is not to build a new facility. It is just to continue current service levels into the future and to continue to pay our bills.”

The district — which covers most of Itasca and parts of Addison and Wood Dale — gets nearly all its revenue from property taxes. But the roughly $4.4 million in tax dollars the district collects isn’t enough to pay for its expenses.

The district faced a deficit each of the past few years and officials tightened their belts to offset those deficits, however, the amount of the deficit is projected to grow and officials are running out of options to close the gap.

The district is facing the possibility of having to cut staff. Right now, it has 22 firefighter/paramedics, the chief, a deputy chief and two office staff members. There’s also a fire prevention director who is partially paid by the village.

The district already is using a minimum daily staff of five people more than half the time. On those days, the district has a three-person engine and a two-person ambulance.

If the ballot measure is approved, the district’s annual property tax revenue will increase to roughly $5.47 million from about $4.46 million. That amount includes money for the district’s pension payments.

Owners of homes valued at $200,000 would see their property tax bills increase by an estimated $130 if voters approve the proposal.

While the referendum is for operational funds, Burke said the additional revenue also would allow the district to address some capital needs. Money could be set aside for vehicle replacement and repairs to the district’s 46-year-old fire station at 520 W. Irving Park Road.

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Where are they now … Itasca

This from Matt Schumann:

This was photographed at the fire department.  Not the desired sunny day photos but proof of existence that the truck there.
Rock City FPD (Stephenson Co. IL) E3502 – 1993 Pierce Lance 1250/750 x-Itasca FPD
Matthew E. Schumann
former Itasca fire engine in Rock City

Rock City FPD Engine 3 – 1993 Pierce Lance 1250/750 X-Itasca FPD. Matt Schumann photo

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New engine for the Itasca FD

This from Josh Boyajian:

I had the opportunity to shoot Itasca’s new Pierce engine the other day. It’s a 2015 Pierce Velocity pumper 1500/750.
Pierce Velocity fire engine

Itasca Engine 66 – 2015 Pierce Velocity 1500/750. Josh Boyajian photo

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New engine for Itasca

From the Pierce Flicker page – new engine for Itasca

Itasca FD fire engine

Pierce Velocity engine for Itasca, so #28181. Pierce Composite

thanks AL

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New engine for the Itasca FPD

Production photos of the new Pierce Velocity engine being built for the Itasca FPD.

John G. Radzinski, Deputy Fire Chief, Itasca F.P.D.
cab shell for new fire engine

Itasca FPD photo

chevron striping on fire engine

Itasca FPD photo

new fire engine cab interior

Itasca FPD photo

new fire engine ready for delivery

Itasca FPD photo

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New area apparatus orders

This from Josh Boyajian:

East Dundee – Ordered a Spartan Metro Star pumper 1500/500 from Alexis

Pingree Grove & Countryside – A 2015 Ferrara rescue pumper on a Cinder cab & chassis 1500/750

Huntley FPD – A 2015 Pierce Enforcer pumper 1500/750

Itasca FPD – A 2015 Pierce Velocity pumper 1500/750

Palatine – A 2015 Ferrara  rescue pumper on an Igniter cab & chassis 1500/750

Rockford – (2) Pierce Saber PUC pumper 1500/750/30

Mount Prospect – A 2014 Pierce Quantum engine 1500/500

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Web site updates

Updated images and station listings have been completed on the site as follows:

MABAS Division 12:

  • Itasca – current apparatus has been updated and decommissioned units removed
  • Wood Dale – current apparatus has been updated with new numbering

MABAS Division 13:

  • Elburn – Station 2 has been added with apparatus

MABAS Division 20:

  • Bensenville – current apparatus has been updated with new numbering and decommissioned units removed
  • Broadview – current apparatus has been updated with new numbering and the new engine

thanks Dennis, John, Josh, and Steve for the images

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web site updates (more)

More updates to the site:

MABAS Division 7:

MABAS Division 12:

  • Itasca: added the new medic unit and updated all the photos with new county numbering

MABAS Division 22: (this division is now complete on the site)

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Area apparatus photos

This from Josh Boyajian:

Here are a few rig shots i took last weekend in Wood Dale.

Pierce tower ladder

Bensenville TL17. Josh Boyajian photo

ambulance photo

Bensenville A17. Josh Boyajian photo

Pierce fire engine

Wood Dale FPD Engine 69. Josh Boyajian photo

battalion chief unit

Bensenville Battalion 17. Josh Boyajian photo

ambulance photo

Itasca FPD Ambulance 66. Josh Boyajian photo

fire engine photo

Itasca FPD Engine 66. Josh Boyajian photo

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Two departments move to DuComm

This from Drew Smith:

It was stated recently by firefighters from both Itasca and Wood Dale that both will soon be dispatched by DuComm with Wood Dale using new rig numbers of 68 and 69 and Itasca using 60-something.

I have confirmed that effective 5/31 at 0900 Itasca will switch to DuComm.  Itasca’s apparatus will use “66” for front-line units and “67” for reserve units.

Wood Dale is also switching to DuComm and will use 68 and 69 for their stations. Date of their switch is not confirmed.

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