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Evanston FD updates

This from Karl Klotz:

Some updated information on the Evanston fleet:
  • Here are the current Ambulance 21 (314) and Ambulance 23¬† (316). (The A23 on the site is gone.)
  • There is a new Battalion 21 buggy, a 2013 Chevy Tahoe.¬† It will be outfitted in the next couple weeks and placed into service.
  • The fire investigations rig is at station 25.
  • The former Engine 25 (1994 Dash) is now numbered E25R.
  • The Tele-Squrt is now not numbered, and housed at Station 24 as a spare engine.
Evanston Fire Department

Evanston Ambulance 21. Karl Klotz photo

Evanston Fire Department

Evanston Ambulance 23. Karl Klotz photo

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Evanston apparatus photos updated

Taking advantage of a sunny day last week, Larry Shapiro stopped by Evanston Station 23 and was able to get some images for the website that were missing. The apparatus shots that were added to Station 23 include Engine 23, the 2010 Pierce Arrow XT; Ambulance 23, a 1999 Freightliner/Wheeled Coach Type I; and R-21, the 1990/1998 Pierce Arrow 105-foot rear mount aerial which is Evanston’s spare truck. The truck was reportedly purchased by the local and donated to the department for use as a spare. Bill Friedrich tells us that it was formerly owned by San Antonio, TX.

Evanston Fire Department Engine 23 Pierce Arrow XT

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