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Barrington village and fire district discuss splitting

The Barrington Countryside Fire Protection District and the Village of Barrington have been discussing whether or not to continue their relationship or split. Previous posts on this topic can be found HEREHERE, and HERE.

The Daily Herald has an article on the topic.

If there’s a point of no return in the Barrington Countryside Fire Protection District’s threatened end-of-year split from the Barrington Fire Department, both sides seem to have widely different opinions of when it is.

Fire district officials, who currently contract for services from the geographically smaller village of Barrington, are making plans to hire their own temporary administrator next month as well as to buy an approximately $400,000 water tanker — a request the village has consistently declined.

Barrington Village President Karen Darch said Monday she believes the close relationship the two taxing bodies have had will continue in some form.

“I still think we will have a contractual relationship,” Darch said. “As I said before, we’re still trying to work out the correct structure of that relationship.”

But fire district trustees said Monday they’ll be taking significant steps in the next few weeks toward becoming an independent fire department.

The district serves an area that includes parts of Barrington Hills, Lake Barrington, Inverness and South Barrington.

On April 29, district trustees will meet with candidates recommended by the Illinois Fire Chiefs Association for the job of temporary administrator. At the district’s regular meeting in May, the board expects to hear a more specific cost for the 3,000-gallon tanker truck it wants custom built.

The difference of opinion over the need for an extra tanker is one of many disagreements leading to the potential split on Jan. 1.

“We can’t buy equipment without their permission, and they won’t let us buy it,” district Trustee Paul Heinze said.

But Barrington Village Manager Jeff Lawler said that because the contract is considered in limbo at present, the village wouldn’t object to the tanker purchase as long as it has no financial obligation for it.

District trustees Monday also voted to repair 11 faulty traffic signal opticoms that were causing potential delays to emergency vehicles at red lights. The repairs will cost an estimated $70,000.

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Barrington looking for fire department cuts – update

The Daily Herald has a followup article today addressing the Village of Barrington looking to save money from their fire department operations. The article describes a desire to implement ‘closest response agreements’ with neighboring fire departments and districts.

Barrington village officials will continue their quest for cost savings in fire service next year by approaching neighboring fire departments and districts about tweaking their mutual-aid agreements.

Specifically, Barrington would like to negotiate what are called “closest-response agreements” that ask departments to take primary responsibility for medical and fire calls closest to their stations, even if the calls come from a different jurisdiction.

It is a change from the more common forms of mutual aid, in which departments simply back up and assist other jurisdictions when needed.

 The article which can be found HERE goes on to say that

Though Barrington hasn’t started reaching out to the neighboring departments, a handful contacted by the Daily Herald Wednesday expressed different levels of openness to the idea.

Several departments gave comments to the reporter about their thoughts on the new proposal from Barrington.

Previous articles can be found HERE and HERE.


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Barrington looking for fire department cuts

The Daily Herald has an article which talks about the Village of Barrington looking at the fire department for cost savings.

Though several village departments have experienced layoffs and staff reductions through attrition during the past few years, the fire department hasn’t been among them, Village Manager Jeff Lawler said.

Despite taking pride in a budget trustees already are describing as conservative, village officials have pledged to examine the fire department this year for even greater cost savings.

A familiar theme has popped up throughout the country is the reduced number of fires and the increase in EMS responses. Like many other city councils, there appears to be talk of placing more of the burden on mutual aid companies.

The quest for greater efficiency in costs and equipment deployment will rely heavily on the fact that the majority of fire department calls are medical, and that all structure fires in the region are fought using the mutual aid from several departments anyway, Lawler said.

The entire article can be found HERE.

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