From the REV Group:

REV Fire Group, part of REV Group Inc., a leading manufacturer of specialty vehicles and related aftermarket parts and services, announces it will introduce the first fully electric North American-style fire apparatus.

Developed with technology partner Emergency One Group LTD – maker of the world’s first EV fire truck – this new electric fire truck packs 316 kW of proven automotive-grade batteries to deliver the longest electric pumping duration in the industry. This enables departments to drive and pump on electric only.

“Our superior battery storage solution allows us to complete a fully electric NFPA pump test, while maintaining a safer, lower center of gravity,” said Roger Lackore, Senior Director of Product Development, REV Fire Group Engineering. A range-extender diesel engine is used for backup when pumping beyond three to four hours on a hydrant or for extended operation in blackouts and natural disasters.

“Our new fully electric fire truck reflects our continued drive to innovate industry-leading fire apparatus built with strength and durability specifically for the fire service vocation,” said Kent Tyler, President, REV Fire Group. “As we all focus on working and living in a more sustainable way, it will help fire departments throughout North America protect not only their citizens but the environment as well.”

Available for delivery in 2022, this rig features a North American design and is completely customizable to every department’s unique needs. It is built utilizing locally stocked components, making replacement parts readily available so customers can keep their equipment maintained and in top condition. This new product is available for preorders now through any E-ONE, KME, Ferrara or Spartan ER dealer sales representative.

To learn more, contact your authorized dealer today and schedule an exclusive virtual session with engineers from REV Fire.

REV Fire Group announces first fully electric North American-style fire apparatus

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