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Joliet Fire Department news

Excerpts from the

The Joliet Fire Department on Jan. 1 will begin charging fees for services provided at fires, car accidents, and hazardous material incidents. The city council approved a contract with Fire Recovery USA, which will collect the money that is expected to total between $100,000 and $150,000 a year. Insurance companies will be billed for the services, and Joliet residents will not be required to pay any amounts not covered by insurance. There is an exception for incidents caused by reckless behavior. Out-of-towners, however, will be billed for any amounts not covered by insurance. The fees range from $594 for a Level One response to a car accident, which includes hazardous materials assessment and scene stabilization, to more than $6,700 for a top-level response to a hazardous material incident. Fires will be billed at $455 an hour per engine on the scene and $568 an hour per truck on the scene.  


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A request for assistance …

From a reader:

Hi there, I’m currently working on an assignment about investigating arson in Chicago and was wondering if you have any resources for Chicago FD call statistics for the year 2017. Anything is incredibly appreciated!

Thank you, 
Alexander Harlan 


2-11 Alarm fire in Chicago, 11-20-20

From Charles Fox:

2-11 Alarm fire at 3849 S. Kedzie

Chicago Firefighters at fire scene

Charles Fox photo

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New home for former Elmhurst squad

From the Boone County Sheriff’s office:

On Thursday, November 18th, 2020, at 11:00 am, the Boone County Sheriff’s Office unveiled its new Emergency Management Agency’s ir Truck. The purchase was made possible when all fire departments in Boone County partnered with the Sheriff’s Office to share with the costs. These fire departments include Boone County Fire District #1 (Capron), Boone County Fire District #2 (Southern Boone County), North Boone Fire District #3 and the Belvidere Fire Department. All fire departments donated $15,000.00 in money and/or equipment for the new truck. General Mills, located in Belvidere, also graciously donated $5,000.00 toward the project.

The EMA Air Truck, an E-One heavy rescue truck, was purchased used and will be used  primarily to fill firefighter’s air tanks at fire scenes and air tanks at water rescues. The truck is staffed by EMA volunteers and will be used not only in Boone County, but wherever it is needed throughout the region. This replaces an aged air truck that had to be retired.

former Elmhurst fire truck now serving as the Boone County Sheriff's Office new Emergency Management Agency’s Air Truck

Boone County Sheriff’s Office photo

E-ONE Sentry heavy rescue squad

Larry Shapiro photo

thanks Danny

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