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Elburn & Countryside Fire Protection District news

From the Elburn & Countryside Fire Protection District Facebook page:

The ECFPD has, over the past two years, completely redesigned our Initial Arriving Response Force (IARF), response packages, and fire ground operations. This redesign of our operations has proven successful in complimenting how we pre-plan response(s) for different emergencies to different types of structures. This strategic outlook allows us to be able to identify areas we can improve upon to keep us progressive with the changing needs of our growing district. This self-assessment has identified a need for our fire district to begin to implement a new apparatus, in our response force.

We are proud to announce, after a national search, we have acquired our first ladder truck. Acquiring a used ladder truck of this nature for less than $50,000 is remarkable, as a new ladder, similar in nature, costs over 1.2 million!

This vehicle brings with it, many new possibilities of suppression, rescue, emergency response, as well as safety for our crews working to save lives and property. We look forward to working with Local 4749 and our association to further develop this resource.

Over the next few months, you will see our crews involved in intensive training to become proficient with this vehicle as we work to add it to our response force.

new fire truck for the Elburn & Countryside FPD

Elburn & Countryside FPD photo

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Gary Fire Department history

This from Wayne Stuart for #TBT:

The Gary Fire Department operated this 1914 American La France Type 14-6 Chemical and Ladder apparatus. It carried ALF Serial #738. It had a 50 gallon chemical tank and a large assortment of ground ladders plus truck tools. It ran as Truck Co. No. 1 until 1927 when it was replaced by a Magirus 85′ rear mount aerial.
from the collection of wayne stuart
historic Gary Fire Department fire engine photo

from the collection of wayne stuart

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