Excerpts from the DailyHerald.com:

Four month old Scarlett Soeder was the star of Monday night’s Barrington village board meeting.

Two months ago Barrington firefighters and police rushed to Scarlett’s home when her mother called 911 to report Scarlett didn’t have a pulse and was not breathing. The first responders police officers and firefighter/paramedics who saved Scarlett were honored at the village board session.

Reading from an account by the Northwest Community Emergency Medical Services System, Barrington Fire Chief Jim Arie said a police officer started CPR on Scarlett just before firefighters arrived Nov, 20. The officer, John McGowan, then handed Scarlett to Assistant Fire Chief Bruce Peterson, who continued chest compressions. In the ambulance, firefighters continued the chest compressions and performed other lifesaving measures.

Once she arrived at the hospital, Scarlett, who didn’t have any previous medical problems, was moving all her limbs and breathing without assistance. Sher underwent emergency surgery for a heart defect and she’s now healthy. 

Arie said the outcome was an example of how Barrington firefighters and police — both headquartered in a public safety building on Northwest Highway — work well together. He said the firefighters and police interact daily in the same complex, sometimes sharing meals or just chatting.

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