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Peoria Fire Department news (more)

Excerpts from centralillinoisproud,com:

Tuesday night Peoria city leaders approved a new proposal that does make cuts to the fire department, but not the cuts some feared. Previously it was a possibility that 22 firefighters could be laid off, but a new proposal wouldn’t require any layoffs. 

Firefighters retiring will not be replaced, but the plan will avoid having to layoff any firefighters. Two rescue squads are being taken out of service. Equipment from the rescue squads will not be transferred to fire trucks. 

The city agreed on moving around TIF dollars and shutting down the Northside Riverfront TIF. Another change was the logistics of the Public Safety Pension Fee. The new proposed structure of the fee will be the following:

  • $15 for parcels with no structure erected on the property.
  • $50 for parcels 5,000 square feet or smaller.
  • $250 for parcels over 5,000 square feet but less than 10,000
  • $300 for parcel over 10,000 square feet

For the next 5 years this parcel fee will increase yearly $5 dollars for the property owners paying $50, and increase $50 per year for those paying $250. 

While this will help the budget, there are still a number of other avenues the council must vote on before the entire $6 million-dollar gap is full.


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5-Alarm fire in Harvard, 11-18-18 (more)

Excerpts the

About noon Sunday, dispatchers sent the Harvard Fire Protection District to a home in the 19000 block of Altenburg Road. Because of an ambulance call across town, the district’s first engine company only had three firefighters available instead of the usual five, Deputy Fire Chief Don Davidson said. Crews had trouble getting to the house. 

“We had a long, narrow driveway with trees and such,” Davidson said. “They dinged the engine going in there on a tree. It was an accident.”

The first company was able to navigate around the tree and make it to the house. Crews found the homeowner with minor burns. He was taken to Mercyhealth Hospital and Medical Center in Harvard, from which he later was released.

Firefighters from 14 departments across McHenry County spent the next eight hours fighting the fire. Collectibles and other items cluttered the house and made the fire difficult to battle. At some point in the night, the fire became too hot for firefighters to enter the home to extinguish the flames.

After several attempts to battle the blaze from within, crews switched to a defensive mode to keep the fire from spreading. An excavator arrived at the scene and pulled back the walls of the house to allow crews better access.

Firefighters finished about  8 p.m. Sunday. The homeowner requested that crews suspend putting any more water on the house. There were collectibles in the basement, and he wanted to preserve any chance of salvaging them. 

“We honored his request,” Davidson said. “He didn’t want his basement filled with water. I could have overruled him. [I’m] as concerned about his emotions as the fire itself.” 

When firefighters left the scene Sunday night, there were spots where smoke still was visible

The fire later rekindled. Crews returned to the house about 4 a.m. Tuesday to extinguish the flames. The fire caused more than $500,000 in damage.

The cause of the fire still is under investigation. 


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As seen around …

Found these photos on Facebook of a Pirsch sitting up in Northern Illinois somewhere. These photos are by Dalton Schulz
Pirsch fire engine

Photo by Dalton Schulz

Pirsch fire engine

Photo by Dalton Schulz

Pirsch fire engine

Photo by Dalton Schulz

thanks Dennis

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Evanston Fire Department news

Excerpts from the

For the past 16 years Evanston Firefighters Association IAFF Local 742 has funded a Thanksgiving charity event to provide all the ingredients for a Thanksgiving dinner for 12 Evanston families in need.

On Saturday, volunteers put rolls, boxed stuffing, cranberry sauce, veggies, a turkey, pie, and other edibles in 12 separate plastic containers and dropped them off to Family Focus social service agency in Evanston, which will deliver them to the families before Thanksgiving.

The idea for the Thanksgiving charity event started 16 years ago when some firefighters decided to piggyback on another giveaway where they collected toys to give to kids at Christmas. Thanksgiving and Christmas events are about the union and firefighters giving back to the Evanston community they serve.

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