The Gurnee FD responded to 37921 N Dilleys Road in Wadsworth for a fire at the Pyramid on Tuesday, 7/17/18.

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The iconic golden pyramid house in suburban Wadsworth caught fire Tuesday, filling the sky with smoke and flames. The fire started around 4 p.m. at the pyramid, built as a private home in the 1970s. It is 17,000 square feet and stands at six stories tall, surrounded by Egyptian statues and a moat.

The 80-year-old homeowner and designer who has dementia was inside the home in his wheelchair when the fire started. His caregiver and fire officials were able to get him out of the home safely. A 15-year-old Yorkie died in the fire.

The unusually shaped home made it difficult for firefighters to battle the flames. Fire officials say a wind-driven fire created a mayday explosion on the fourth floor. They described it as a blow-torch that blew firefighters off their feet. Two firefighters were injured.

Gurnee Battalion Chief David Douglas said, “We’ve done walkthroughs through this building before and we knew the challenges that would come. Today those came true.


Gold Pyramid fire

Tim Olk photo